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Star Trek Series 2 - 33

By chirinstock
The second away-mission.

This photo is part of a commission from Torqual. Thanks for working with us!
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3888x2592px 4.51 MB
Canon EOS 40D
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1/83 second
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24 mm
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Date Taken
May 17, 2008, 2:41:43 PM
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Lovely pic,i hope shes only out.
nicholasweed's avatar
"Ba, Buh, Ba, Buh, Ba, Ba, Buh! Shes Dead Jim...."
That red shirt will get you every time... =)
Okay, not a criticism here, but what's with the whole Female TOS characters thing?  Is there a big movement for it or something?  I'm not understanding the trend, that's all.
paramount99's avatar
Phased out and still the picture of loveiness...!!!
I'm impressed with the decision to do blue skin for her legs under the tights. It adds realism but must have been technically difficult (i.e. how not to get blue makeup/powder all over the tights, which are by definition going to be closely adherent to the skin they are covering?)
Inquisitor686's avatar

Cracking cosplaying/roleplaying & scene setting!


As a Star Fleet Andorian this girl is well as rather ravishing!

Her make up is outstanding in both it's application, and attention to for example your ensuring her legs were painted also, so that only blue can be seen through her tights, by anyone viewing this photo.

By the same token, equal praise can be said for the attention to detail you've demonstrated with regards her costume; boots; hair; uniform matching knickers; antennae; Phaser, etc....


Clearly you should be working in The Film or TV Industry - judging by the quality of your artistry....if you aren't already(?) - and the girl featured here - like some others in different pictures - looks like she could perform such a role in Star Trek for real.....if top Hollywood Producers ever decide to remake the original series in the near future???

chirinstock's avatar
Thanks for such an awesome comment :) 

Attention to the detail is something we're both pretty hung up on (sometimes we make do - but it bugs us immensely :) ).

We do everything ourselves (costumes (hair/makeup/photography/costumes except GK) - Nasrin (the girl featured here) was very particular about the blue legs - though it played havoc with the upholstery in my car!

I'm not sure that we'd ever have the patience for Film/TV though - or following somebody elses' direction...

the makeup is really good. did it take long time to put it on?
Optimusnorm's avatar
This is fantastic - the work of a perfectionist. I am really curious about how you did the blue skin but understand if you don't want to reveal your secrets!
chirinstock's avatar
Ahh, we're not really for secrets :)

We used a costume paint called Kryolan - it's put on with a damp sponge... face, neck, arms/hands and legs. Black opaque stockings over the top for the legs, and for the rest we used a costume 'fixer' spray that prevents (mostly) the blue from rubbing off.

We also used some regular eyeshadow in a slightly darker blue as highlighter on the eyelids and cheeks!

~ chiaki
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Simply amazing! The attention to detail is fantastic: the realistic antennae, the hair style and color, the blue skin (not just on her face, but her arms and legs as well!), the custom-fitted red uniform with the raised black collar, the authentic rank braids and Starfleet insignia, the landing party belt, the dark tights, the tall black boots, even the matching red bloomers--what a fabulous work of art! Thanks for sharing!!
galaxy1701d's avatar
Aww, not the Andorian girl! Rest in peace. ^_^;
purpleh2o's avatar
Sadly it appears the curse of the red shirts extends to lovely
females in red skirts.
Morkos's avatar
She looks like a real Andorian. How'd you do the make-up?
paulgammer's avatar
fikken ist das geil, gute beine, must fikken tohte frau.
hehehe nylon godess.
guillotinemaster75's avatar
well you know what they say... if you red, you dead!!
Dalek1965's avatar
Yet another Redshirt down. *sigh* What a shame.
berengere02's avatar
I always want to see the blue soles of feet of this beautiful alien girl ! :heart: Great picture !
DarkRavenII's avatar
Leg goddess down! I repeat, leg goddess is down. What is there left to live for now?

But seriously, I love all of these pics.
child-of-aros's avatar
oooh thats really cool!
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