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Stefan Handwrite Font

By chirilas
FontForge file available upon request :)
updated to version 1.0.4
changed position of "f" and "a"

here's my long awaited submission of the Stefan Handwrite Font
it's my frist attempt at making a font using Fontforge, a free Linux font making program

it took me a few good months to get as far as I did, since about February, but here we are, at version 1.0.2 on August 25th 2006

enjoy :)

Use it as you wish, non-comercially of course. Please contact me if you use it, just so i can know that it's doing someone some good. Also, please link to me from where you use it. If not, shame on you lol :)
© 2006 - 2021 chirilas
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Hello! I used your lovely stock here :heart:
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thanks a ton! :D
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Can I use this for my blog?
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I think this is an awesome font, I love it. ^^
I used it here: [link]
I absolutely adore this font you made! It's beautiful - do you mind if I use it for a commission to make a profile for someone on Gaia online? Technically it is for commercial use but I'm not making any profits - just Gaian gold which isn't even real money :) If not never mind, the font is gorgeous nevertheless!
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go ahead! if you can pls link to it on here so i can see the result =P just for curiosity sake. im glad its helpful
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Used here ^^ [link] It's gorgeous and just what I was looking for ^^
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No problem ^^
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Haha, dork. :hug: The fonts nice. :)
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i downloaded this, if thats alright : ) I dig itt big time.
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no problem :)
if you do use it and you have the chance, do link to my page for people to maybe come see my stuff =P thanks. otherwise have fun with it :D
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great typeface. very rough, like written with an older quill pen.
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yeah...needs fixing
i was just happy i got the basic letters down :)
hours and hours of work in FontForge (free Linux font creating program)

it was fun tho :)
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I think it's cool :)
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