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Kristina Hitori
Current Residence: In a house on a street in a city in a state in a country on a continent on a planet in the galaxy.
Favourite genre of music: Anything but Rap. Seriously.
Favourite photographer: My little brother...
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Skin of choice: o_x I'm fine with my own skin, thankyouverymuch.
Favourite cartoon character: Zelgadiss Greywords, Freakazoid, and Bonta-kun.
Personal Quote: "*GRUUUUU~*" ~My stomach in a quiet room.
  • Listening to: Dont' Stop Me Now - Queen
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  • Watching: That one second submission she sent in...hmm.
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda (and dying horribly)
  • Eating: Dumplings
  • Drinking: Freshly squeezed orange juice. And making a mess.

>__<  Now I have a spiffy new laptop where I can draw stuff.  When I get it, I'm gonna get my first doodle up and put it on DevART.  WHOO~!

o.o  On another note, that animation didn't get into the Trailer.  .-.  I guess it wasn't polished enough to outshine the person who was ranked number 2 on that section.  I have 2 other animations and probably 2 more in before Phase 2 submissions are over, so I might still have a chance to wind up in the trailer/game.

New goal:  Win the Jury's hearts.  <3  ~___~  Wish me luck!!

But yes!  *inhaaaale*  Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for voting!!  oAo  I appreciate it!!!!


Yeaaap, Phase One voting is closed now.  ^_^  A huge thank you for all the people who helped vote 5 stars on my animation shot.  I greatly appreciate all the support and by the time voting locked down, I was in the lead for the overall trailer at 3.87 <3.

There were a few problems though, in fact.  Phase 1 voting glitched so badly on Sunday that they extended it to Monday.  Then it glitched on Monday and they moved it to Tuesday.  And then last night, it glitched up again a few hours before "this week"'s contest was over, so I was thinking they were going to once again move it to Wednesday at midnight.  To my surprise, they just closed it and said that they can't stretch the deadline any more.  So some people were unhappy that they couldn't get any more votes in and I dont blame them.  

What I hope though is that they still announce the winners for this week since I've asked just about everybody I know and anyone who could help to vote 5 stars on my submission.  I know that sounds mean to the other competitors, but I've literally lost tons of sleep IMing and emailing people (some I haven't talked to for YEARS), as well as asking friends, family, even my room mate, to help vote and get their friends or anyone they knew to vote 5 stars for me as well.

And thanks to everyone who did, it certainly kept my points from dropping too far by those who tried downvoting my submission.

So if they dont count this one.  I'll be really sad.  I poured a lot of effort into that and I'm really hoping I can win.  

On another note, I also submitted a second animation for Phase 2 that's still open.  It's considerably shorter than the last one because it's a lady blowing imaginary ice breath at people.  I'm probably not going to promote this as much, but 5 stars would be very helpful...

:3  Thanks~!

Mom's friend is raising a chicken, he mentioned that he's heading out of town for a few days, so they were going to get rid of it before he left since his wife was afraid of the little guy.  So mom jumped in and said that we were willing to take care of the chicken while they were away.  The reason why they were planning on doing that was because they were trying to make the chicken into medicine.  If it's a rooster (and we're still not sure if it is), on the third day after it crows, they're supposed to kill it.  .___.'  This is why I hope it isn't a rooster.

Anywho!  Here I am, Monday afternoon, munching on a late lunch while mom was getting to leave to go somewhere when she remembered something and headed for the porch.  Then she said "Did you check to see if the chicken has food yet?"

And I basically lost my grip on my loaf of bread and went "HAAAAAAAH?!"

So yes, there is a chicken in our back porch.  And I've gotten into a habit of taking the guy out for walks in our backyard.  s/he seems to enjoy her/himself back there, and I've taken a liking to her/him.

Also, I named it Rudy the Cucco.  Since Rudy sounds more of a generic Male/Female name?  (I'll give the guy a better name when I find out what gender it is)

I've tried figuring out if it's male or female.  But I can't tell how large the waddle and the comb are supposed to be on roosters and hens, however it is a pretty nice bright red.  Also, I checked for spurs to see if it was male, but there's a small bump where it's supposed to be and I dont know if hens have the bump there or if it's really a rooster with his spurs removed when it was little.  .___.  

Also, I've come to realize that chickens really really REALLY stink.

And they eat a lot.  Although we're trying to figure out what sort of diet to give the guy, so far we're feeding it corn, fresh greens, pellets (since I have parrots), some seeds (?), cooked rice, bits of bread, and grass (since it was nipping on some in the back yard, so hey, what the heck).  I've checked the internet for a chicken's diet, but any good suggestions would be nice.  In the meantime, the daily walks outside in the backyard should help make up for whatever diet it's missing for now.  Maybe after a few weeks or so it'll either lay an egg or the family that owns this guy decides they dont want to kill it and give it to someone else to raise like a normal chicken.


._o  well that's all I have so far, I'll keep you guys updated on the contest and the chicken.  X_X  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Once again, thank you once again for voting for my submission..!  <3  >__<  Now to wait and hope.


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