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Vector: Thunderlane's cutiemark

Requested by Poninnahka. Just uploaded it if someone else needs a vector of it.

Update: Added the swirl which I never noticed. Thanks to grimnir11 for pointing it out.

SVG can be downloaded here:…

Vector by me
Thunderlane's cutiemark, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
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Speaking of sills could I edit it for mine.... just the cloud part....
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Yeah go ahead. Just don't sell things with it and give credit. (Sorry for the late response.)
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Hmm.. May I use this for a new OC?
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Sure I suppose. Just credit me if you use it.
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Thunderlane ? o.O
I have his scource model body on Allen. hmm... what is nahka planning >.>
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That vector is pretty old. I made it for the male pony pack when it was first released back in 2012. Someone just found an error with it, so I updated it now. Didn't even think I set the update to notify my watchers, but apparently it did. :P
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Could you make me a cutie mark that has 5 yellow stars 1 large star in the middle and the rest smaller stars surrounding the large one 
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I don't do comissions or requests currently, sorry
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I'll use it in one of my projects, if you don't mind :)
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Hello Chiramii, I am new to deviantart. I was wondering if you could do a tornado cutiemark for me. But does it cost money? Please inform me on the details.
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Hi, welcome to dA. :)
[link] Is this okay? The colors are based on the pony on your profile page.
If that's not how you imagined it I can change it or make another one.
(And no, it doesn't cost anything, a cutie mark doesn't really take much too time or effort to make. ;) )
If you need a higher resolution just let me know, I can also give you the SVG vector file if you want it.
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Thanks Chiramii! I'll use this.
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pretty useful,thanks
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