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Rainbow (with timelapse!)

Random Rainbow Dash drawing, woo!

Difficult perspective, hope it looks alright.

I've recorded the drawing process, and wanted to upload it as a speedpaint, buut my video editing program just stopped working for whatever reason, so getting the video done and uploaded will take me a little longer.

Update: Here's the speedpaint! -->…


Art by me
Cutie mark by CatIron:
Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
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how do I add pictures to my favirotes?
Chiramii-chan's avatar
There should be a button to the right that says "Add to Favorites".
endergirl46210's avatar
yay I found it thanks :)
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:icondawwwwplz:-I bet the wind tickles Dash's nose.
TinkerTie's avatar
Ah, what a lovely coloring and relaxing feel~ :D
Hypnosparkle's avatar
These are some amazing art skills.
She looks so peaceful, with her cute face. :)
d0ntst0pme's avatar
Nice art skillz.
But the pone is bad pone. Bad bad.
Chiramii-chan's avatar
No good pone for you :b
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One moment of peace: her... the wind... the sun... the silence... gliding effortlessly... serene...

Until she hits a tree.
Chiramii-chan's avatar
Nah, she's way too high up in the air to hit a tree.
cajobif's avatar

Maybe a mountain.
Amonsterjammer1's avatar
I was gonna tell you to look out for that mountain.
Dogman15's avatar
I like how you showed her skull's eye socket behind her closed eye.
Chiramii-chan's avatar
I redrew the face and the eye a few times and still wasn't entirely happy with the result, but didn't want to try any longer.. so this had to do. :P
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Well, it's good.
MoonSolace's avatar
Very well done, like you said that perspective is not easy, but it turned out well in the end.
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Your shading looks very nice!
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