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Making photos of traditional drawings look nice

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SO, this finally uploaded! Took me way too long, it was just supposed to be a small thing.. x.x

I did this mainly for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds that's running currently, because I saw many people upload poorly lit photos of their drawings, making really nice drawings look not so nice. Doing a very quick search I didn't find a tutorial specifically for photos (and not scans) of traditional drawings, so I'd thought I'd make one!

(That's also why I did the Derpy drawing in the first place).

I'm not sure if I made this too complex, but I really hope it helps a few people. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

You can download Gimp here:

Note that I'm using an older version, so it might look a bit different on your screen, but the tools and functions should be located at the same places.

Tutorial by me
Derpy drawing by me
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
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Thanks again for the tutorial. :) 
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Thanks for this tutorial, Chiramii-chan. :) Too often you see nice drawings in unnecessarily bad quality. So I hope this will help some people to achieve better pictures of their drawings. :)
And although I use a scanner I'm still often not happy with the results as they need too much post-editing. But it's getting better with every bit of information about color management, color perception and color reproduction I read. :)
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That's why I made the tutorial. Hate to see nice drawings in bad photo quality, which could be fixed in just a few minutes. ^^
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Thanks for posting this! I have been taking quick phone photos with so-so lighting for most of my entries so far, and simply adjusting the brightness/contrast and levels in photoshop. I'll have to try the multiply method next time! :)
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I hope it helps! :)

Lighting wise your pictures look quite good so far though, brightness and contrast mostly do the job. The multiply thing is just an additional step which I found useful. But yeah definitely worth trying. ;)
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Thanks. I never thought of touching up the pictures before sending them into NATG. Got to start doing this from now on.
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Thank you this is great
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Wow this is very helpful thanks a lot :D
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oh wow this will help me a lot.
thanks for doing this
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I'm really glad it does! :D
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