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[Download] Little Macintosh



Finally releasing this. Took me a while.

This is a reskin and hex from the revolver included here: [link] for Garry's Mod.

To get it look how it's supposed to be you have to change the bodygroups like this:

- Barrel: 2 (optional, this will make the barrel longer)
- Optics: 1 (this will activate the scope)

There are also some more bodygroups for posing, along with 4 different skingroups which all have the same skin. This is supposed to be like that. I couldn't remove the skingroups, but didn't want to make more skins or leave the rest of the skingroups without any texture at all either, so I just used one skin for all of them.

The download also includes serperate models of the silencer, scope, speedloader and bullets.

If anyone of you wants to improve this reskin, just go on, I know it's not perfect.
For example some bumpmaps could be useful, even if it's supposed to be TF2 style -ish, also the shading could be better (took it from TF2's Ambassador and altered it a bit), but I think for my first try of reskinning a weapon it's good enough.

Now have fun with it, Fallout: Equestria gmodders.

Reskinned by me
Hexed by Yukitoshii
Original model: [link] by BlooCobalt

Littlepip download: [link] by *Stormbadger

Little Macintosh, Littlepip; "Fallout: Equestria" by Kkat

Fallout (c) Bethesda
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro

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