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ATG 2014 #1 - Posing

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Equestria Daily's (Newbie) Artist Training Ground is on again, woo!

The theme was "Draw a pony standing still/Draw a pony posing". A pony standing around is too boring, so have Lyra doing some Gmodding instead. =P
(Of course using human models instead of pony ones.)

I like how this turned out, even managed to color it in time.

Also on tumblr here.

Art by me
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
EqD's NATG:…
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Gmod.  You just try to exist, but people laugh at you.
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Just something a friend of mine said when we used to play Gmod.  It seemed funny at the time.
Lyra is best artist!
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Makes sense to me!  I love it!
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Then she made Half Life
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I always said Lyra was a poser!

In that she likes to work with 3D figures.
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Awesome!  Great colors and shading!
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I GET IT. SHE'S POSING! You win the pun of the day award!

Speaking of posing, I think your pose of Lyra looks very natural. Unlike Lyra's usual sitting position.
Shading looks very nice as well!
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Yeah a clever one indeed- and a really well done picture as well!

Though in my book the pun of the day award would be a tie between this one and Buckweiser's submission with basically the same idea.…
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Yeah, I planned the Lyra pose at first but it didn't really work, so I went with this instead. Still not sure if ponies would usually sit like this, but it sort of works. :)

And thanks. :)
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simple yet adorable
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Well, that's clever! Drawn very nice too, do keep it up.
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My, my, Lyra
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No too shabby! Love the way you painted it! Keep it up!
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Lyra.... how am I not surprised.
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