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tutorial :: heel fitting goodness !

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yaaay a tutorial !

STEP 3: Save the file as a separate file and then load the new one so you can work with the new feet!

so VenusSempai asked me how to fit heels and, seeing as i love doing it so much, heres a quick and simple heel fitting tutorial o3o this is literally the most basic tutorial ever so i hope its understandable and that it gets to the point. if you cant see it, ill try make it bigger ;u;

foot by tda
shoe by 陽P i believe
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my transform view doesn't even show up, the model doesn't show up

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argh, make a video guide! the picture is not helpful

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Ok, i moved the bones in transform mode, but I don't know how to make them stay that position. Please help!

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Does this work with the heels by iRon0129?
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Should do? I havent had any complaints about it yet.

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So I whent to save the model after I adjusted the feet and it would not safe it whent right back to flat feet
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OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much!
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Do you still have the link to where you got the heels you used in this tutorial from?
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Uhhhh I dont think so. They were from an Idolmaster set, though. Everyone had the same outfit, if that helps.
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Aw, okay. Thanks anyway, and for giving me that information.
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Thanks, that explained how to wear the shoes for the model.
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small question: do i have to delete the rest of the body besides the legs for this to work? do i need to delete the other bones and physics that arent attached to the legs as well?
sorry for asking this, im just a little confused and i wanna be sure itll work ;v;
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Ah it's okay, ask whatever you want!
I delete everything except that foot and it's leg bones. That includes all physics, joints and all the bones except that leg's bones.
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okay ;v; thank you!
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everytime i mirror the feet and shoes it just goes to the other side
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What do you mean? The mirror is to make a new file to add to the old one :3
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how would i fit these type of heels…
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Just make sure the shoe fits on the leg, then erase the foot underneath or make it invisible :3
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what ver of Pmx is?
my ver is 2.00
I tried to follow this but, how can i save the edited feet?
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In transform view, just click 'file>save'
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