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Suggestion Drawing - Sarah (Chaotic)

Alright, another suggestion drawing of one
of the characters, Sarah, from an animated
TV show called "Chaotic" This particular
version of Sarah is her season one outfit,
which I have no idea why she changed
outfits later on, but I'm fine with that.

This drawing was suggested for AtomicHero100!
Hello again, I hope you like the drawing of her. ^_^

I personally never seen this show when it was aired
because I was doing certain things back around it aired.
But I'm sure it was awesome show for those who saw the

I hope all of you guys enjoy this drawing and stay safe
out there! ^_^
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Cute, she looks really good :)

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Great Job, Nice, Hi

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Thank you and hi! ^_^

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your welcome, and Can I have Requests please

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Sorry, I'm not doing request drawings, I hope you understand.

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OK, How About Art Trades?

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I'm sorry, but I really don't know what an art trade is. So, I don't think I can do that. :(

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you ask me to Draw Something and I ask you to draw Something

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Oh ok. It's a nice offer, but I'm going to kindly decline it, sorry. I hope you understand.

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Also, Male Feca in 2.0 version (Dofus) with sandals on feet
Thanks ChilpaCloud , next suggestion is Mia from Lego Friends of Heartlake city that Wear Purple flip flops on feet
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Ok, I know I didn't mention this on my Suggestion journal but how many suggestion drawings do you have in mind because I want to make sure that everyone can suggest something at least once and I don't want to one person going to suggest a lot of suggestion drawings and having a person that they thought of something that they wanted to suggest a drawing for me, but that's already drawn in my gallery.

The point is, I just want to know how many suggestion drawings in your mind in general because, I want to make sure I can get a better idea of how many suggestion drawings you want from me, thank you.

Thanks you ChipliaCloud , are you ready to suggestion about Mia from Lego Friends of Heartlake city , Mimi Tachikawa in pajamas from Digimon adventure adventure episode called "Flower Power", Paco from Jackie Chan adventures , Carol from Didnapper and Huan from Celestin.
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Well, I just want to do Mia from Lego Friends of Heartlake City and that's it, thank you for replaying to me.

Yes , Mia wearing Purple flip flops That expose on feet
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