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spraypainting tutorial

This tutorial outlines the way I spraypaint my stuff. I hope it's helpful. Here's the prop I used for the tutorial if anyone is interested[link] .
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What kind of wood is this sword made with? It looks really nice! Also, is the compressed air or turtle wax essential, or could I substitute something else?
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The sword is made of poplar. Tack cloths work much better than compressed air actually. I didn't know about them back then. And yes the rubbing compound is essential.
Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
I am working on some gold armor and will definitely try your method.
I will report back

thanks again and keep up the great paint jobs
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You should totally use Pledge floor polish with Future acrylic. Makes for a nice shiny coat. Runny though.
Any tips for getting silver spray paint to stay evenly shinny?
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I spray a clear coat acrylic over even the gloss paint. It catches the light and works wonderfully! It also mimics what happens with metal as well, losing very little of it's shine as time goes on. If you want to shine it up, simply spray on another thin coat.
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If you follow this guide you should be able to make it stay that way. Although it can be hit or miss for a gloss spray. Varnish would work but I've also heard that Future acrylic floor polish works as a great clear coat for metallic paints. I haven't tried it yet myself but intend on it in the near future.
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Great tutorial, I have this unpainted half finished katana just sitting in my room, this will really be helpful! =)
But, why wetsand? Is it really that different from just plain dry-sanding?
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Yes. You do it to smooth out the coat before you gloss it. Makes it look much better.
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No wonder your props always look so amazing! I'm definitely going to have to try spray painting this way with my next prop!
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Quite helpful! Thanks for sharing =)
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