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Echo Bazaar

I have Echo Bazaar on the mind.
This is how I envision my character in Fallen London.
She's dangerous.
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I discovered this game just yesterday and immediately went on a search through deviantART to see if there's any fanart of it. =D
I am Lee Tinkerer, a charming and shadowy lady, pleased to meet you! *removes her top hat and curtseys respectfuly* I'll probably draw my character soon as well, once I've actually managed to buy some items for customizing her. I wish there were more clothes available in the Bazaar though.
I really like the way you envisioned your character. She looks...somewhat ruthless. And highly suspicious. Wouldn't want to run into her on the street with a knife like this. And the quality of the art is stunning as well. I just really like all the detail that you've put into her, but I think that the favorite part for me are the hands.
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Oh man, thankyou!
One of these days, I'de actually like to try and paint a picture of her. But the idea of drawing a bit of Fallen London is chilling!

Welcome to Echo Bazaar, one of the gems of the internet! :D
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Why not color the same lineart you have here? :o After all, it's pretty.
Hm, I wouldn't say that drawing Fallen London would be chilling...more like...difficult? Imagine all the gaslights and the imagine how they would affect the shades of ones skin and shadows. *Nightmares +1* Though I imagine a room with a single, strong, source of light and a big window in the background would look quite would cut the sources of light down to two - one from the room, the other from the general direction of the city. Hm...
Anyway I'm currently trying to follow your example and draw a picture of my character, just to show my appreciation for the settings. ^^ So far I really like that game. Though I don't get why they had to organize it so that the player has to...wait for such a long time? I mean, 40 turns per day, 80 turns with Fate. That part I get, otherwise we'd run out of content too fast. But why does the candle only go up to 10 turns, if you know what I mean? Basically I have to check back every hour or so and use up the turns I've regained during that time instead of just adding the game to my bookmarks and playing it once a day for the same number of turns. I only registered yesterday and the turn-system is already getting on my nerves.
Sorry for, ugh, ranting on your comments. ^^ I should probably go and see if there's an official forum for Echo Bazaar or something.
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Oooh, another Dangerous Lady. I'm a sly and menacing lady myself in the game. :XD: She looks great.
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haha I'm surprised/extremely happy to find Echo Bazaar art here on dA!

I just found it like a month ago and <3 it. I am "a sagacious and perilous lady" lol.

Love this game, and love this picture :heart: i have a Persuasive/Watchful character of mysterious and indeterminate gender lol
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She looks great! I've chosen a bit more Persuasive/Watchful character, but Dangerous has some pretty neat stories too :D
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Hey, thanks! Yeah, I've really only started bringing up my shadowy and persuasive skills. But I have a focus on Dangerous and Watchful, which mostly is so I can hold my own in Knife and Candle. ^^
This is amazing.
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