Goodbye Mom.
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aagh... I don't like how it turned out...
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SoulerClash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Undertale needs another update!

A 2nd good ending!

Asriel deserved a happy ending too! :(

Not just him but Chara too!

Chara wasn't evil! >.>


More stuff added!

Like more story backgrounds!

More Gaster info-stuff!

Like why not him returning too?


Maybe a 2nd Undertale game?


Is it true Undertale is going to get

re-released to the Wii U and 3DS and other
gaming consoles?

also a movie? :D

We all should make petitions
for more Undertale content!

Undertale Forever!

Please read this!
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I also think Asriel deserves to be happy TT-TT he was my favorite character in the game TT-TT

I have read on twitter about it being on console too ^^ but that's still not clear, I think Toby said he is thinking about it.

He also did say something about a second game at one point, I don't know if he was just messing with us though. (HOPE NOT)

it would be great if there really would be a second game at one point, but all we can do at the moment is wait and hope for it ;-;
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drainwap|Hobbyist Digital Artist
m.youtube.com/watch?v=9_o0dy5e… INFINITE FEELS. It's so sad when Toriel forgot about Asriel thinking he was just a regular little goat and then feels that she has done something wrong :( (Sad) I want to comfort Toriel and Asriel so badly like Sans
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ASRIEL NO!!! *Sobbing*😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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Fuck you, i was already sad enough.
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Perriwen|Student Photographer
Very beautifully done. And the feels. Heavy.
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...my heart... ;-; so beautiful! Flowey-chan wants to be noticed by Frisk-senpai 
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I'm glad you liked it! ;u;/
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Salma-SafeLight|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Flowey!!!! QAQ why can't just ALL of them get their HAPPY ENDING?! TT^TT
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cause this is not how life works ;~;
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TheNightSpectator|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Screw Life.
Princess Bubblegum Table Flip Emoticon
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I agree! ;A; Table Flip 
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the moment right before that damned bastard weed lost whatever was left of his soul ;-; 
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SirNopeAlot-Central|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
goatmam is sadmam
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JudasCain|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tears! ;~;
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Asriel is the most heartbreaking character. ToT
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he is TTnTT
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DarkMindAlchemist|Professional Digital Artist
sad but truth, yet asriel had concience as a flower and never cared for her so :/ he even trash talks her
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I am literally choking up while reading this comic. I always felt really bad for poor Asriel; it is one thing to be dead, but to not even be remembered by his parents, including his (absolutely amazing and loving) mother? That is probably the most heartbreaking thing for me.

You are a great Undertale artist and I love your comics. You also do a great job in portraying the characters' personalities; these do feel like things that the characters would do/say.
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Oh wow, that... I don't even know what to say :')
Thank you for the big compliment, that really means a lot to me!
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Thanatos-Zero|Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Sayonara... Okaasan..."

Asriel transformed back into a flower. Now, since he had nowhere to go, he returned to the resting place of Chara.
All alone in the underground, but with all the flowers, Asriel has fallen into a deep slumber...
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