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The Tip Top Hat Tutorial



Welcome Ladies and Gentleman

Now when I was still making my Tuxedo Mask Cosplay from Sailormoon I was only days away from the convention and I still had not made my hat yet. My hat was of course a gentleman's top hat which is very long, we are talking Abraham Lincoln size. So I searched DA and all I could find were tutorials on how to make female Mini Top hats, and cardboard ones. I eventually worked out how to make a top hat and recorded the steps I was following. Thus I have created this tutorial for you today on how to create your very own Gentleman Top Hat.

Goodbye now
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This is a very unique and helpful work. The cost is minimal and so is the need for fabric. It works beautifully with any cosplay, or if you are planning on being *cough* fancy *cough* I needed a hat for Animate! Miami (Which is January 16-18, 2013) and I am cosplaying Undertaker from Black Butler. This suited my needs better than most tutorials out there. I recommend this to anyone who wishes to do any form of cosplay that is in need for a top-hat. Thank you for making this tutorial, it saved my butt from having to look for a tutorial that would most likely not suit my hat needs.

Stay Fancy.