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The Swordmaking Tutorial: Pt 5



The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 5 (Sharpening the Sword)

Have you ever asked yourself "How do I make a sword?"more pricesely a katana. Well If you have asked that question then I am here to help you answer that. This swordmaking Tutorial will cover everything you need to know about swordmaking. It has an attractive layout, easily readable discriptions, easier to understand discriptions and step by step pictures to know which process you are at. These swordmaking tutorials are aimed towards swordmakers and propmakers, however anybody is free to use them at their own leisure to try swordmaking.

Now this undoubtedly is the most boring part of swordmaking EVER. Sometimes I dont even bother making a sword do you know why? becuase I have to go through the process of sharpening the sword which takes hours. Basically in this tutorial you are taught that you need to round the handles and sharpen the blade all with the use of some files. Yes with files you have to regioursly sand away the wood until its a hair strand thick blade edge. You also have to make sure the blade and handles are as smooth as possible, becuase when you add the paint the sword overall has to look as clean as possible. I hate this part of swordmaking yet its the largest part.

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Is this going to make the sword sharp enough to hurt someone? (Or is it just to give the sword its shape?) Im a beginner looking to make a katana for cosplay and seeing how conventions wont allow weapons means that the blade must be dull enough not to hurt anyone.
Is it possible to sharpen the blade to give it the sword shape but leave it dull enough to be safe?
Thanks for the tutorial btw!! :3