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The Swordmaking Tutorial: Pt 2



The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 2 (Planning and Drawing)

Have you ever asked yourself "How do I make a sword?"more pricesely a katana. Well If you have asked that question then I am here to help you answer that. This swordmaking Tutorial will cover everything you need to know about swordmaking. It has an attractive layout, easily readable discriptions, easier to understand discriptions and step by step pictures to know which process you are at. These swordmaking tutorials are aimed towards swordmakers and propmakers, however anybody is free to use them at their own leisure to try swordmaking.

This second part of the Swordmaking Tutorial is all about planning the dimensions of the sword you are going to make. Once you have the correct dimensions you will then be shown how to accurately draw those sword plans onto your piece of strip pine wood. This tutorial is the 1st step into swordmaking and with that if you make a mistake at this early stage of swordmaking that mistake will stay with the sword until the end. So follow the instructions and successfully complete them all and you all ready to start the art form of swordmaking.

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:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 6 (Sculpting the Details) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 7 (Painting and Glossing) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 8 (Constructing the Sword) [link]
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YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! Thank you thank you I've been wanting to know for a year how to make a good sword. Terra, here I come!