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The Swordmaking Tutorial: Pt 1

By chioky
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The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 1 (Tools and Equipment)

Have you ever asked yourself "How do I make a sword?"more pricesely a katana. Well If you have asked that question then I am here to help you answer that. This swordmaking Tutorial will cover everything you need to know about swordmaking. It has an attractive layout, easily readable discriptions, easier to understand discriptions and step by step pictures to know which process you are at. These swordmaking tutorials are aimed towards swordmakers and propmakers, however anybody is free to use them at their own leisure to try swordmaking.

The first part of this swordmaking tutorial is (tools and equipment). In this first part you will learn which tools and equipment you will require to do swordmaking. The discriptions will say why you need to use the tools, how to use the tools and finnaly which part of the swordmaking process you will need to use it for. All these tools and equipment are basic hand tools, cheap to buy and find saving in money and to be more safe.

:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 1 (Tools and Equipment) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 2 (Planning and Drawing) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 3 (Cutting out the Sword) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 4 (Cutting out the Tsuba) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 5 (Sharpening the Sword) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 6 (Sculpting the Details) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 7 (Painting and Glossing) [link]
:target: The Swordmaking Tutorial: Part 8 (Constructing the Sword) [link]
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I look forward to putting this information to use. Great job!
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I need to make a sword, not a katana but a sword that resembles the ones they used to use in Germany/Prussia, during around 1840-1848, or just pre-WWII in general. Anyway, my guess is that the blade would be easier to make than a katana since it's straight. However the handle would be muchhharder to make, since I am a total newbie. The handle uld look like the one in [link] , by the way.

So I was wondering as to how I should make it. I'm on a budget, I don't want to mess up. Should I sculpt it with clay? If not, could you please tell me how to make it using other materials?

Thank you in advance.
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basically for a handle like that you Make a rough form with wire mesh then use a sculpting agent like day for example
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woah thatnks so much deff going to do this and you are really skilled, that benihime is absolutly beautiful, considering it is out of wood
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why thank you very much
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Can i use super glue instead of wood glue?
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thats alot of super glue but yes
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can't wait to try this
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I hope you have fun with it
will this work with foam poster board as well (i want something a bit more light weight for rps and such ^^)
chioky's avatar
hmm it might work for it I think maybe
ok, i was just wondering because i figured it would be more light weight for conventions or halloween parties or such, where i'd be havng it with me all the time like that. i wouldn't be able to use it for LARPing but just for show. that's why i asked. plus it's good practice for if i do ever decide to move up to wood ^^
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Around how much did this all cost you?
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theres another guide in my gallary called "cost analysis"
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I AM GOING TO MAKE A SWORD! :iconblushingplz:
chioky's avatar
have fun with that
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I love you :*:*:*:*:*:*
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have fun with that
thank you for posting this, this will be great for some of the cosplays i do :D
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i just have one question though, is there other materials other than wood that a person can use instead that might be cheeper or easier to work with?
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this will help me very much, thank you for posting this tutorial
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sure alright
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