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Bouncing Up and Down c:

Thank you so much for using this emoticon!! I'm seriously so super flattered that people like to use this and I just kjsdhgdkjfhgkjhgjdfhg QvQ
I am so proud of this little guy!!! I wanted to try a simple bouncing animation with emotes since that is a basic animation, and so I used this awesome bouncing tutorial for GIMP users made by otohime0394 to help me! :la:

This was a little challenging since I had to animate in a different style then what we use for icons. The only thing I wish I could fix is the hands -- I feel like they don't flow enough and their animation isn't that smooth. Feel free to point out what I can do to fix it and any other mistakes or tips!


Pepe in GIMP (approx. 1.5 hrs.)
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Cool! Nice shadow!
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Thank you so much!! I'm very happy you like it c:
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Used in my journal here [link]
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Thank you!! :'D
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This is lovely! :clap:
I think you've executed the animation very well indeed. I see what you mean about the hands - but I actually rather like it, it almost looks like he's flapping his arms to try and propel himself upwards. :giggle: It's very cute!

The only thing I can really pick out for improvement is not in the animation, but the emote itself. I think you could do with a slightly darker outline, or at least try to darken the facial features so that they can be seen more clearly. Also, you can add highlights or just one pixel underneath the eyes and mouth which helps them stand out even more. :nod:

Great work, though! And thanks again for using my tutorial. :D
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Thank you so much for this comment! I'm so glad you liked my emoticon and I will apply the tips you suggested to it. c: (Just to let you know this deviation was featured in #dAemoticons!!! :squee:) No problem and thank you again for making this tutorial! :heart:
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xD I only wish it was a real emote...
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me too. SOOOOOOOO bad!
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Aww, thanks ;U;
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damn. i thought that would work.
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Thats really good ovo
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Nice and smooth animation, looks great so far! :)
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Thank you so much!!! ;O; ~<3
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Could you note me on how to do that? Please and thank you.
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Actually I linked the tutorial I used in the description ;)
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1.5 Hours? O.O is that how long it took? that sort of deters me from animating mine.....
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It took around that much time, but that was only because I was having trouble with the hands! c: You should still try if you really want to -- this was really worth the time! :'D
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