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HEYOO! Please follow or visit my photography blog! chinnybasinang.tumblr.com/ I'll follow you back guys especially the photographers out there :D :D

GUYS!!! I uploaded a progress on youtube! It's a speedpaint!

Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] by Jerikuto ^_^ I'll assure you the quality of my artworks will be excellent! *pinky promise* ^_^

Check out these artworks of mine :)
Monochrome by Chinxinator10 LOLITA by Chinxinator10 Soul Eating Cloud Thingy by Chinxinator10 MAKE LOVE NOT WAR~ selfie :) by Chinxinator10 Out of Nowhere by Chinxinator10 Charlie Kisses - Adventure Time Contest by Chinxinator10

Sharelle Karjunkel (Commission) by Chinxinator10 Twila Toirdoittr (Commission #2) by Chinxinator10  Meow! (Commission #3) by Chinxinator10 Kymmi and Valentine (#7) by Chinxinator10 The Phantom Clowns (Commish #8) by Chinxinator10 Dark Night by Chinxinator10

Anyway, here are the notes/rules/whatever you call it:

2. Please please pay first before I draw it. I WILL NOT DO IT UNLESS IT'S PAID. First come first serve! Means, if you make a request but you haven't paid yet, that doesn't mean you GET the slot. You'll be added to the slot if and only if you already paiiiddddd. (by points!) If the artwork takes too long, please message me. 
3. All points will be given in my donation pool *u*
4. The artwork will be in full color! (yay unless you want it in lineart style)
5. BG will be transparent. (additional points if you want a bg n__n)
6. They'll probably be my style.
7. 4 slots at a time (if it'll reach 4 lol)
8. Before you upload it on other sites, please ask me first.
9. All commissions will be made digitally.

I DRAW:  Lelele by AddMedia%
- Chibis
- Animes
- OCs
- Mostly cute stuff

I DON'T DRAW:  hide by AddMedia
Nude/Ewwy/Gore/Pornographic artworks (hentai, ecchi, yaoi)
- Realistic type (I'm too lazy to make realistic stuff)
- Just ask me so you'll not be disappointed :) (Smile)

FULL BODY - 70 <da:thumb id="386071814"/> per character
HALF BODY (until the waist) - 50 <da:thumb id="386071814"/> per character
HEAD ONLY (until the shoulder) - 40 <da:thumb id="386071814"/> per character
LINEART - 20 <da:thumb id="386071814"/> per character
with BACKGROUND - 15 <da:thumb id="386071814"/> 

Just comment below what kind of artwork you want...

- Character reference (ex chibi, anime etc)
- Character gender (male/female)
- Type (full body, half, etc.)
- w/ bg or not (if so please tell me what kind of bg)
- ADDITIONAL Stuff: (What color of the hair you want, what kind of pose, what is the color of his/her eyes, ETC. Please detail it out so you wont be disappointed in the end.)

THAT'S IT! Thank you guys! <3 
PS: Kung pinoy ka, may discount! Hahahaha. -1 sa lahat ng category :) (Smile)

WOW by AddMedia Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] by Jerikuto yay by AddMedia Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] by Jerikuto Seizure Kitty Dance by shadamylover7797 Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] by Jerikuto Mabel pines by AddMedia

1. :iconpastelli-kiwi: Pastelli-kiwi
2. :iconshinydorayaki: ShinyDorayaki
3. :iconkachanx23: Kachanx23

You can still commish me even if the slots are full! Just comment below, tell me the details you want for the artwork then I'll confirm it. All commissions will be on waitlist until a slot is available. I'll inform y'all depending on who commish me first! :D :D :D 
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May I commission you please? Your drawings are so cute!
- Character reference: drizzle-the-glaceon.deviantart…
- Character gender: Female
- Type Full Body
- w/ bg or not: None
- ADDITIONAL Stuff: Like a picture of her sleeping in a tree or something fun. You get creative control :) Unless you dont want it