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Laura's Ayane Cosplay Guide

By chinsoon
Your Guide - Silk Painting and Gradient Dying by Laura Sindall


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VIDEO HERE: [link]

You can find this on NEO magazine Issue 63 (page 23). First time to design a page of tutorial for a magazine *is nervous*
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When you say, "Every 5-10 minutes go back and dip a little less", do you mean to keep the cloth in the dye, then after 5-10 minutes go back and pull a little out, or to dip it, pull it out, let it dry for 5-10 minutes, then dip it again?
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Wow, gorgeous result! This is so helpful!
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Thanks to Laura for this <3
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Thanks for making this guide. It's a life savor! *bows* Your my hero!! xD
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Video version is here :) [link]
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You're very welcome :)
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=^-^= Man, this is a really good tutourial. And the results look amazing.
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Thank you for posting this. I've been puzzling over how to make Yuna's sleeves. This is a huge help. -Koumori
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glad it's been of some help <3

Great costume, Great Tutorial, Great Model..!!
Thanks Chin...

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You're welcome glad you love them <3
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I'm not a cosplayer--but I photograph some... This was straight-forward, accessible and understandable. Thanks a bunch.
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Cheers and Laura's awesome :)
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Wow!! Looks impossible but it is actually quite simple DX I might try this if I am going to give Ina a go ;P

Thanks for uploading~
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No problem <333
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I was right...
the large version IS way better than the one on facebook.

Nice layout...
nice description...
(Not that i'll ever need it XD)
chinsoon's avatar
Naughty boy! And damn man cant wait to see u again!! u're an ace pro!!
RedCathedral's avatar
Maybe i'll be in London next month,
just check underneath the bridges near the Excell XD
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Thanks for uploading this! I can use this for my oichi cosplay ^^
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