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bubble tea

I drew my OC yay
I really love her!! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
Do not use, repost, edit, sell, trace, thief my art, thanks.
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so cute!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care its more than a year old its going in my favorites

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adorable! bubble tea is amazing >w< ^0^ !

I love your art! IT'S SO CUTE!

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Omg its sssooooo cute ÛwÛ
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This is amazing omg 💖
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This is really good! What are program do you use?
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it's paint tool SAI!

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Oh my lord this looks so frikin Kawaii ÚwÙ
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Super Cute! This piece of art looks amazing & beautiful!
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Wanna be art buddies? :)


this is so cute!

hi, how can I buy art on this site for 0.5-1 dollar

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wow it's really beautiful! I'd have made a dark blue lineart instead of black for clothes and hair, but that's just me and my coloful lineart pasion lmao

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This is so cute! I really like the hair and eyes! Ive been personally trying to work on my anime eyes and i think this is a really good example of the kind of anime eyes i wanna do, so i might take inspiration from this. HeR BoBA BrInGs aLL THe BoYS tO tHe YArD.

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