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What's left of Shinjuku

Inspired by the Code Geass Anime, this LP depicts the scene of Shinjuku after the White Reaper Suzaku and his Knightmare, the Lancelot, dispatches the last of the terrorist Sutherlands.

You may save this, print this, distribute this, but in no way may you claim this piece of work as your own nor may you use as stock.

Base Image for the Lancelot: [link]
(thanks for the reminder Freezersting ;D)

Time Taken: 24 Hours
Program: Photoshop CS3
Done While: Playing Super Smash Bros Brawl and getting angry at Photoshop making my computer go Blue Screen.
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1400x1680px 1.02 MB
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when you vexel always link your base pics.
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Very nice, it depicts the action well. :)