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A vector piece inspired by the theme of revolution. Revolution has two meanings. One revolution is a full cycle, thus the clock, or it can be a change over time, once again, thus the clock. The abstract object intertwining with the clock is a spear, which signifies violence as often seen in revolutions.
Upon analysing revolutionary artwork, I realised that the colors are often desaturated, however, as I wanted to amplify my focal, I only desaturated the background.
The Chinese text on the bottom reads: We're Running Out of Time, once again, referring to the clock and the concept of time in the word revolution.
Alright, I admit it, I only placed the text there cause it was empty and I didnt know what to do with it.

Time Taken: 5 Hours
Program: Photoshop CS3 Extended
Done Listening To: Time is Running Out

You may copy, redistribute, spread, propagate ect, but you may not sell or claim this piece as your own in any way. Nor may you use this as part of your own personal work unless you contact me prior.
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balletstar's avatar
pretty cool.
its Anthony's sister, btw.
G-Flare's avatar
not bad not bad at all
good improvement
you needa stop using ernest's style though
lulz imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. yeah but just aquiring skills and techniques, not really trying to develop anything
FreezerSting's avatar
no srsly not cool to keep using my style, that imitation line is like an excuse = =. it took time to think of those elements. meh wtever if youre using it for practice i guess its cool

Work on the colors and BG, otherwise its pretty good, nice concept