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My Bio

Hi. My name is Shen Hua (神话). I love being creative.

Welcome to PLAYBAOZI Network.

PLAYBAOZI is a network of websites I own.


PLAYBAOZI - Main company website and shop. You can find all the PLAYBAOZI software and games at If you're looking to buy my products at the best price, is the way to buy them directly from me.


ChinesePixel - Art studio website. ChinesePixel is where you can find all sorts of digital art from 3D models to Animations. 3D models are also available on my Turbosquid page. Most of my art that’s available for sale can be purchased on as well as here on DeviantArt. Some of the more personal content and WIP stuff is available exclusively to my DeviantArt subscribers.

Favourite Games
Unreal Tournament, Starcraft, Stellaris, Dead Space, The Division, Endless Space, Endless Legend.
This is the story of King. King was a troubled child. Not in any malicious way, but simply being a very energetic young boy. In some countries he would end up being pumped with drugs like Adderall, Ritalin and whatnot. In others he would probably face abuse in public schools. When I met his parents at first, over a dinner, his father explained to me, that when he himself was just a young boy his life and school were organized in a very strict way and that now, when he has a son himself, he wants him to simply have a better childhood than his own. One would think that maybe the parents want to spoil the child, but knowing how much pressure there is put on the children in China since the very young age, it's not hard to see that this comes from parental love. I was teaching King and his peers at first at another school, but since the parents were unhappy with the school and wanted a more tailored experience especially because of King and because they wanted to have me as an
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Thanks for the badge! :)

Thank you for the badges!

Happy winter and Christmas!

Good news!

There is resistance to the corrupt

people in NATO who are attempting

to start a new European/world war.

Watch my friend Harley Schlanger on and note his December 5

eleven minute briefing.

Create to stop hate!

Create to liberate!

Create to communicate!

Create to be great!

- Professor Anton Veeblefitzer and Jimbo

Kirk McCoy Nod

Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Christmas Tree Big

Big Thank You!

We ALL need to spread love and

good ideas to our friends! - PAV

Quartz THNX! - PAV

You're welcome. Keep up the good work :gallery:

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