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School for vampires: An erotic fan story
by Chinesegal, 10 minutes and 21 seconds ago
Journals / Personal

Nestor whistled as he swept through the halls of the vampire school, broom in hand and a spring in his steps. Tonight was nothing out of the ordinary for the blond haired janitor, the only thing he had to do was remove all the cobwebs, cake crumbs and crimson banderolls from the party the night before when the teachers had celebrated the tenth anniversary of his turning. Everyone had been in a merry mood, and even the usually serious and aloof principal Alerich von Horrificus lightened up by trying to tell a ghoulish joke about a guilloutine salesman and a cave troll. No one except for Nestor laughed.

"Oh, what wouldn't I do to relive that moment" he muttered while scrubbing off a rather nasty red stain from the floor, shuddering when his thoughts drifted towards the object of his affection: his magnificent, flowing mane, alabaster skin and the regal way he carried himself at all moments. No wonder so many creatures both mortal and immortal desired the attention of such a majestic vampire.
"You look pensive, Nestor. Was my joke really that bad?"
The janitor turned around, suddenly facing his employer.
"Oh, no my lord. I was just-uh... Pondering where I put my socks."
"You must take better care of where you put your belongings, my friend. This must be the thirty-sixth time I caught you standing around like this."
Nestor had become stiff as a zombie even before the count had uttered a single word.
"I will be in my crypt if there's anything you want off your chest." Said Alerich and strode out of the room.

As expected Nestor had entered into his private quarters at midnight, around the time he usually fulfilled his work. The young blond vampire tip tapped quietly into the room and knocked on the count's coffin. Alerich slowly opened the lid, looking just as handsome as always in his nightcap and undershirt.
"Forgive me for disturbing your much needed rest, my lord, but I have a confession to make. Will you hear me out?"
"Please do tell."

Nestor's eyes traveled around the room, his eyes falling upon a stuffed owl with its full wingspan outstretched on top of a mahogany drawer.
"No need to worry." Alerich said in amusement. "Hekatia would never break confidence."
"You see my lord, I don't know how to properly say it but these last of years my head has been plagued by... Impure thoughts. thoughts... About a man." Nestor gulped as if awaiting a coming catastrophe.
"Anyone would be flattered to have such a sprightly young man as one of his admirers, my friend." Alerich said, his voice calm but tinged with curiosity.

At this reply, Nestor broke down into a mess of tears and sobs. Relief flowed through his veins as he had expected a harsch scolding at best, but what would his other employers think? Would they scorn him for his unnatural perversion?
He didn't have long to ponder the consequences of his confession before he felt a pair of strong, wiry arms around his waist. The count carried the janitor towards his coffin and kissed him on the lips as he placed him gently on the silken sheets. That contact was all that was needed to obliterate any inhibitions Nestor had possessed, causing him to grab fistfuls of Alerich's auburn mane while aggressively kissing back.

Nestor groaned when he felt a pair of canines prickle his tongue and wailed as his bare chest was covered in ice cold kisses that soon traveled far lower down.
School for vampires: The first erotica
Jay for my first mature content!

Don't expect too good writing though, just my embarassing fantasies about a cartoon show.
Today as I am writing this journal is my last day at summer camp. For almost an entire week I have viewed animals at Kolmården zoo and ridden the roller coaster 'Wildfire', paddled kayak, fougjt a water balloon fight with other campers and the camp counselors. In short: it has truly been an awesome week. It really feels like I have experienced the summer camp experience I missed at age six when I decided to end my membership at the scouts.


Viviann Liao


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