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Hello there~ I just wanted to tell you that no, really, I'm not dead, I'm not too ill, (just a little), I'm just sooo busy with my school projects that I don't have time for anything else (well-- ok, there is also a pinch of procrastination. But we'll talk about that tomorrow~) So, I have a lot of project on being, some bird paintings, some paper-like illustrations, and some digital paintings too. I also would like to do a web-comic, I hope I will have time and courage to do it this summer. I also, and this is the most important thing I wanted to tell you, created a new dA account,, which will be dedictated to my
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I... was tagged... <Laollkaz (, thank you sooooo much (je te maudis pour les dis g&#233;n&#233;rations &#224; venir XD) It's my first time, so I hope that I'll do it well... so, the rules: 1. Post these rules. 2. Tell 10 things about yourself. 3. Tag at least 10 people from your friends list(or watchers). 4. Comment on each tagged person's page saying they've been tagged. 5. NO TAG BACKS. 1 is done~ So, it's time! *kof kof* 1. I'm the Japan's Emperor's son (because YES I'm a boy. Even if I'm technically a girl~) u__u 2. It's what I said between the parentheses~~ 3. I really don't know what to say in those 10 points... yeah I kn
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I just wanted to wish you a very happy Easter day! ~mv1plz ( I hope that you had a lot of love and chocolates, and that you will smile a lot on those days~~ BTW I don't have much time to draw and post, I'm sorry for that, but next week should be better (well-- I hope... or the next next week haha) :iconmv9plz: :iconmv10plz: :iconmv11plz: :iconmv12plz: Have a good day dears :iconawplz:
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Heyyyyy!!! ^^ Just came here to thank you for the watch personally!! I really appreciate your support! :3 Hope my future paintings wont dissapoint you! Huggle! 

P.S. If you're interested, I have a  Facebook page where I upload wips and updates about my streams/videos(speedpaintings)! I would be more than happy if you check it! ^^ 

(or visit my youtube if you're just interested in my videos ^^) 
No pb, you really deserve it ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Haha...I love you too, I first thought of just posting here my old drawings and disappear again (haha, yeah, that's my specialty I'm so hopeless), but seeing our drawings made me nostalgic of old times, where we used to drawing together in german classes and how we imagined (well, mostly you) stories and made comics together...I thought it would be a good idea to be more present here and try to improve, I haven't posted here for such a long time... but I was so happy to see your new illustrations and the way you improved, so yeah, here's a little thing to boost our motivation and keep drawing ! 

Yes, thank you too for the :+fav:
Awww you're so sweet :iconyuiwahplz:
In fact me too, I didn't take the time to come here recently, but I received a mail about the premium so I came here and there was all those messages from you and it made me so happy ♥
I miss those times too, those comics were really funny to do, it's so nice to draw with you *//w//*
I wish I will be able to post a lot this year (at least more than 2 illustrations haha...), and I hope that you will post a lot too! I miss your art ♥
Thank you again!
Haha, I know that we're busier than before, but I know that we could still sometimes find time to post something here, haha, so yeah, I should try to find time to draw and post here more...
We should see each other one day and spend time just drawing silly comics ! 
No problem 
Yes, instead of playing we could draw something haha~
and yes, yes, yes! we should totally do this, it's been sooooo long since the last time we drew together (and even since the last time we met ;o; )
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Thanks for adding 

Shy by Brandzai

to your collection :goodjob: revamp 
You're welcome! It's a very beautiful photo ♥