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Can't wait for season 2
If it happens... I hope it does
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It will. It was recently announced that Shield Hero will not only get a Season 2... but a Season 3 to boot. So, you've got twice the fun to look forward to. From the teaser art, they're heading into the Spirit Tortoise arc.
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yesilovenachosHobbyist Writer
Welp. Now I'm a fan of your work
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PatryckfrHobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice
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marihikariHobbyist Traditional Artist
amazingly cute :3 
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Yay Rishia! Love her character so much! I hope we see her in the background with Itsuki's group in future episodes soon.
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MyeternalsinHobbyist Digital Artist
Jesus this is absolutely gorgeous! 
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who the green hair girl?
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This is absolutely awesome I love this anime 
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SandhiyudhaHobbyist General Artist
Really nice, absolutely beautiful.....
i wonder why i dont see Myne.... :-D
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Isn't Myne the bitch that blackmailed Naofumi?
I think you mean Melty.
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SandhiyudhaHobbyist General Artist
Yes, Myne, that horrible bitch. I hope she really dies in the end in a slow and painful way. An easy end like Naofumi just forgiving her would be really disappointing!
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Beautiful ! I love the colors work ! :D
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Nicely done.  Really like this anime.
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DarksinokariProfessional Digital Artist
Wonderful work! And it's great to see this story getting more love.
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H-RazlerHobbyist Digital Artist
still thinking how he fights with a shield only weapon XD anyway cool art!! <3
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Beautiful work with the colours, and pretty nice shading. 
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brandonroberts435Hobbyist Writer
off to slay the bitchess.
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PokeEvatheCatHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it! <3 pretty pic! 
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You missed the heir princess.
= )
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