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Ninth Station

color splash Speed paint.
I'm sorry for lack of detail.

If you can go to everywhere you want, which is the place where you want to go?

Thank you so much for comments >< You really encourage me a lot.
I will practice harder ><
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This is so beautiful! so much talent

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This looks so amazing :D

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I am absolutely in love with this one.
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You know... is there a name for all these submerged railway scenes? It pops up everywhere in anime images ever since Spirited Away used it.
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love the background 
so breathtaking~ 
llOkamikazell's avatar
It reminds me of the station in Spirited Away! I love everything especially the light beams shining through the roof
Mimusi's avatar
Everything is so pink, so girly, .... SO PERFECT! 
I love how everything is shining <3:happybounce: 
very beautiful and bright artClap 
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Love the concept :D
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This make me think about "Sprited away" movie :). I love the colors, it is really well done!
ElveaSkyefal's avatar
It's so sparkly~
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how do you get the colors to glow?  this is such a pleasant peiceof work (:
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So Miyazaki~~~ :heart:
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Hey I recognise this deviation from Writing Condition! :D I've always wondered why a piece of art was at the front of a literature group. :L

Thanks for the Llama badge BTW! ^_^
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Thank you for creating and sharing this very special artwork, which I have included in my new Journal Feature :heart:
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Your art is beautiful! The shading, highlights and proportions are spot on!

Nice work! ^^
CuteDerpicorn's avatar
This is amazing! The detail, the colo(u)rs! This must have taken days! You're so talented, words can't describe how awesome this is! I appreciate that you took time out of your day to make this!:happybounce: Happy cry (Tears of joy) OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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Your heading said 'so colorful!' and you did not dissapoint! This is a spectrum of beauty ;v;
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So bright and pretty!
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