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Character  Klee_Genshinimpact
Klee - Genshin Impact

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*claps* this is so cuuuute!

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Oh my gosh!! She's so cute!!

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Ah, yes. The world's youngest suicide bomber.
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Klee! I love the way you added lighting and the blended-out background colour!

I hope I'm lucky enough to get a Klee drop sometime soon.

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Looks cute and pretty :3

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She looks very beautiful! Very good work!


awesome picture!!!!

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Nice work! So cute, adorable and destructive:heart:

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I loved Klee from the moment I saw her on the event notices. She's so CUTE!!! And I had wondered who was in that one locked room in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. (I never paid much attention to the name of the character the one guard said the one time I talked to him....) She's like Megumin with less attitude. And the best part? SHE REPLACES AMBER!!! I suck at using the bows and though they might not have much staying power, I do like magic-users in the game. another massive point in her favor is how she can destroy rocks (for ore and mineral stuff) in one hit! She just tosses an explosive at it and it bursts into resources immediately.

Btw, I just got to Adventure Rank 16, so I'm probably still far behind most people... :shrug: I go at my own pace though. :)

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I just got her. She's really powerful, damage overload with Fischl's Oz. I'm glad I save up 5-star pity from rolling Venti banner.

btw, yes ^^ no need to rush. This game is really beautiful. I reached AR 37. Finding the forgotten 10 anemoculus so far.

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I got Klee the other day too. I wish I had tried to get her before doing the survey since a few questions asked about her.... Because I got her no-problem when bI finally thought to click the x10 wish thing despite having 0 Whatever-Fate things. Now I know what Primogems do. XD (But seriously, they should TELL you they do that, because I doubt I'm the first person to think "if I have 0, then why would I even try to click a button I know won't work? Especially if I think it'll ask for irl money to cover the currency I don't have for it" I would've been more mad at how dumb that choice was if I hadn't gotten Klee and my first repeat 4-star character, Sucrose).

I LOVE that Klee was the one in that locked room of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters because they put her in solitary confinement due to her blowing things up too much. XDD And the way she mines ore is SO convenient! One explosive toss and boom! No more wittling down a rock's hp bar using a sword or claymore! I'm at AR 16 now and about to go into the cave for Xiangling's quest. I really thought that Liyue was a separate country or continent physically cut off from Mondstadt..... But no, it looks like they're connected by land. :hmm:

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They are connected by land, but apparently they are indeed different nations, so there that (why Fantasy likes City-states so much, I don't really know. Not a bad thing, but if this is the whole world, then you'd think there'd be way more large settlements in a country, no?).

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(tl;dr at end of comment)

From a lore and game-mechanics perspective, it makes sense why a lot of fantast settings like city-states. Monsters roam the landscape, so it is hard to establish new settlements. Those who govern existing ones, have to regulate the amount of monsters around the borders of their land and most go with the option of making the city a fortress of sorts for this very reason.

As for game mechanics, you need players to have a wide open world to explore, lots of places to hide things to be discovered by them, and lore-related areas. The cities must be far apart and few for the above reasons as well as to make it more of a challenge to reach each new one. Even with fast-travel, you have to GET TO the area you want to fast-travel to at least once normally. So you'd still see the challenge of reaching the next city without having to worry about the hassle of that trek between them the next time.

Water is often troublesome to cross in most cases. Thus, the areas being connected by land is a good thing. Crossing the sea, which likely has its own monster issues and in a more deadly situation for those who can drown, can still occur, and ferry services between landmasses makes sense. Though, the devs would want players to cross to a new city only when the story calls for it in order to preserve the story.

TL;DR: It makes sense for a good story and helps the game's progression.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Though that would mean most settlements would be pretty close to the Capital/Main City, and be more like satellites or boroughs (think New York, or Southern California, in my experience, with transitions between cities being kind of sudden, almost arbitrary, in some cases. Like they're all just part of a single Megalopolis, or something.) and everything else is basically either No-Man's Land or untamed wilderness, with the roads being the only "safe spots"... which actually sounds about right, now that I've said it out loud, so, yeah, pretty spot on! 👍

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Not necessarily... While that definitely is how they do it in some cases, it isn't the ONLY way. Another one is by making strategic use of knight patrols. That's how the roads stay safe, but it's also how the more distant settlements could communicate. The patrolling knights would wear lighter armor, be a bit quicker in general, and thus be great as messengers/scouts. Handing off messages at a half-way point (likely with a watchtower outpost or something) but also not needing to go too far from their settlements to run back in case of emergency. An approaching army, an unusually large and hostile version of a monster, and other such emergencies, would be found during their patrols and reported quickly this way.

So both ways are viable strategies. :)

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