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Fan art of D.Va from Overwatch game.

I'm sorry I didn't active response since last year.
I hope you have a good health in this winter.
I will practice harder.
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Do an animation with her please!!!!
Carlos-Alberto-Salv1's avatar
Absolutely astonishing and beautiful!
rainbownote's avatar
I love the sharp colours and shadows that you used, paired with the soft rainbow glowy lighting!! It's so visually balanced!
fighterxaos's avatar
I like that jacket she has on! 
aytoronaldo's avatar
Wow.. Amazing art :D
Senzune's avatar
Stop submitting to the wrong category. You know damn well this isn't a fractal.
astrabun's avatar
I realize how often this artist does that quite a lot. They actually hid one of my most recent comments that state that. I would say just reporting the works because of mis-categorization would do some help.
Konradius5's avatar
Hehe, you must really enjoy drawing D.Va! She does look stunning in your art style every time, and I think I like this one the most :dance:
Hola, hermosa
gordonphilbin's avatar
Beautiful drawing of D.Va :heart:
NeoTheKitCat's avatar
This is so cute and the background is super awesome!
TheOneAndOni's avatar
She has bigger breasts than normal lol.
thebob449's avatar
How long does something like this take?
11Hz's avatar
Great work!
gokuplayer15's avatar
Ahh, love this! The 76 jacket is nice.
liyuwei's avatar
Lancaster73's avatar
Why is that no anime creators are going head over heels to hire you?
Shugo19's avatar
Wouh! Nice Work! Heart Heart Heart 
SecretLaser's avatar
Looks nice, download link please.
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