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Character  Amber
Amber and Baron bunny - Genshin Impact

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As much as the internet loves her, Mihoyo have got to do something with how she plays!

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What do ya mean? She is a scout not a fighter. So use her for exploring!

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Well yeah, but she can be used for so much more than just explorations and puzzles. Amber seems like she can be so much fun to use in combat, but due to how unimpressive her kit is, she's usually cast aside in favor for much better archers. Just cuz she's a starter character doesn't mean she has to be cast aside as soon as you get someone better.

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Personally, I think Baron Bunny could be Great as a full on Aggro sponge. You could use him to get attention off of Amber so she can flank enemies or just peal-out. And, of course, he can explode, so perhaps they could change the Baron to explode depending of the amount of damage it took. Then again, I haven't had the chance to play much, so maybe my perception is flawed. If so, then at least do something like make her run faster, or give her an ability that encourages exploration, who know. Just my two cents on the subject.

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Unfortunately, you'll eventually find that Baron Bunny doesn't take all the aggro all the time and you'll find some enemies gunning for Amber while it's out. While you might get lucky from time to time and Baron Bunny goes well for you, it's kind of inconsistent, therefore not exactly reliable. Maybe be a little better if the explosion did much more damage than it does rn.

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Or if it draws more aggro, but yeah, I get where you're going. That said, hopefully she gets buffed, either way, so that more people will use her!

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It's all about how you build her. The way I use her she does by far the most damage out of any other character I have. Nearly one shots level 60 enemies, and she herself is only level 60.

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Yeah, I've seen Plenty of that, online, and it's Great! Thanks for responding, though, I appreciate it!

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I love her and her exploding plush!

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She looks very cute! Very good work!


awesome picture!!

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How similar is the game to Breath of the Wild? I may get it while I wait for BotW 2.

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Just take Botw, make it anime and add a few adjustments and that’s genshin impact
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( 'w ' )/ Is super cute!

This is so amazing! Could you also do Fischl? ♥

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Amber is best girl!

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I don't care what people say about her, she is still one of my favorite characters

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