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Knightober 28 - Cruelty



Amused, the guardian inspected the prone wraith. This one had almost escaped. Almost.

"Stupid human," it whispered, barely hiding the elation in its voice. "You are all the same. Too arrogant to see the cost, too spineless to follow through with the path before you. Now look at you - you forsook your blessing and traded your power for what? Playing house? Love?"

The guardian's eyes gleamed with a twinkle.

"I do not care, frankly - but I will have fun seeing you pay the ultimate price."


Knightober 28 - Cruelty

Final three days left! How are you enjoying the story until now?

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Great work once again!

Will you be turning this into a comic of some kind in the future? I think I understand most of the story so far, but I've been finding it a bit hard to follow since I've only been seeing these a few at a time and forgetting the previous ones, but putting them all together into a comic-like story might help a lot!