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CONTEST ENTRY - I am a unique Color



My entry in the XP-Pen contest: "I AM A UNIQUE COLOR"! I'm super happy with how this piece turned out, and really learned a lot while making it. Hope you enjoy! 🤗💕🌺

"For the longest time, I had two identities.

My public identity is your average suit in the masses, grinding day in, day out in an office job. It is a perfectly simple way to fit in with the crowd and get through life.
Meanwhile, my second identity I have kept secret from most people I know in real life - I am an illustrator, an artist, a passionate creative. Like the color cyan, this side of me is loud and bold. However, I was afraid that this vibrant side of me would cause waves in my public sphere - and thus I convinced myself that I could not share that part of my life with those around me.

Now, though, I realized that there was nothing wrong with being both. By suppressing part of who I am, I inadvertedly buried a part of me that makes me unique - and that would just be such a shame. This realization has been truly liberating to me.

So, this piece, and this competition is my declaration to the world. I am your everyday suit - and I am an artist.

I am a unique color
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