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December 15, 2010
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Memories of Hijiri Byakuren 3

By ChinAnime
Drawing processing video:[link]

For more info of this doujinshi, plz see:
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rattish's avatar
the bright but smoky lighting gives it an almost "holy" look... but I do believe Mr. Elephant has misplaced his tail :3. Otherwise, this is lovely.
NaturesRose's avatar
I'm just loving that elephant and Byakuren's hair (*o*) . And congrats on the DD!

~Also, 15:29 of my life were very well-spent :) ~
ambou's avatar
this is one of the best artworks i've ever seen. for real.
Q-43's avatar
Where do they go?
ninnt's avatar
that's....breathtaking :) :heart:
PatriciaLira's avatar
Hello! please tell me the name of the first music video love \ o / :love::love::love:
disturbed66's avatar
wow, u know i dident relise how MUCh you put into it tell after i walch the vid that you posted

just.. wow
eternal-raven's avatar
i love this! it's absolutely amazing~ so surreal. something straight out of my dreams. :3
bloodmoongraphics's avatar
vipinmohansingh007's avatar
Impressive artwork ! I think this artwork depicts a dream....
Nice combination of vivid colors and creature you used. Details are also very fine.
HonG-t's avatar
Beautiful colors!
ConfusedDM's avatar
Nightsmear's avatar
Love it, instantly thought of Thailand. God I miss that place, and now you've gone and made me miss it even more. Thanks a lot, :(
Anyhow, it's truly great. The detail is fantastic and I love how I had to work to find the... monkeys? monks? statues? below the elephant.
vjdang243's avatar
Very nice work I only wish you would share the larger format of the image...I really liked it.
Xeconali's avatar
Brilliant use of color amazing detail, and simply gorgeous. Good job =)
CruxianAzelf's avatar
Absolutely beautiful, and a nice dedication for Byakuren. c:
SCOPED-KAR98K's avatar
the elephant's tail?
Yanekoshi's avatar
TheMightyRearranger's avatar
Love the colours, imagery and atmosphere you have created here. Just fab!
AElddir's avatar
Beautiful! I love the mystery of this, and the soft lighting. Great textures too!
jeffgraffit's avatar
incredeble colors
gintmfgb's avatar
Excellent work - there's a depth to this that is beautiful !
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