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another great concept, well executed
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Nice facts, love the black and the white!
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Very, very cool! :D
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Hey I really like your artwork!

I don't know how to message, so i'm jut gonna leave this on your comment section.

I need an artist to design a logo for my website.

Would you be interested in getting paid to design one for me ?

Email me at: with a sample of your portfolio, and we can discuss the terms.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Good jobs, but I've seen several comments that have seen your work elsewhere. Adbuzzedo the most recent, which refer to one of your own work is a copy of another person.
should clarify this to avoid having a bad reputation.

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Cheers man, sorry to say don't see any bad comments man?!
Can you send an accurate link to those bad comments?!
Anyway thanks for watching.
I'd like to buy this poster, but can you offer one larger than 5x7?
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nice one ... by the way i have t-shirt has this typography :)
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really?! Where & when???
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Nice typo !! Keep it up
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I'll do my best
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That's Great Typo !!! Keep It Up :)
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Thanks man, I'll see that I can do.
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He you think .....thanks
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