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July 24, 2009
The suggester says: ''blood TYPE by =CHIN2OFF is a wonderful concept, wonderful mesage, wonderful technique! What more can you want from an artwork? Perfect piece of art. Nothing more to say.'' I must agree with the suggester. I love how the typography looks like blood (but not too much). A very unique Text Art piece!
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blood TYPE

be sure to know!

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SexGod-PerfektCell's avatar
Hi,Im Blood type A +,my venerable husband perfect Cell has AB,
for more detsexgod-perfektcell.deviantart.… at this:
Beautiful. This seems like it could be useful. What do the up and down arrows represent?
Saruteku's avatar
The down arrows are who they can give blood to, the up arrows are who they can get blood from.
XxMACiTabbixX's avatar
my cousin is a -AB :3
soda-with-cyanide's avatar
Hmm, good work, not only interesting, but informative two! :D
vdecides's avatar
aprilblenk's avatar
Oh WOW! What is your blood type?
Petit-Hibou's avatar
i'm blood type AB- and it is good to know
magi21's avatar
that's brilliant!
theotherboy's avatar
Nice work here :). Just great.
Ah, I have O-. I feel so helpful when I give blood but so worried about needing it. Oh well. You live once.
Mishikaiya's avatar
Congrats on the DD! I love the way these look. Absolutely fantastic.
IcecoldAngel's avatar
does the % mean how many it is who have that blood type?
MouseAvenger's avatar
Very informational! ^_^ I like it! :clap:
Novalyyn's avatar
That's pretty cool, having them look like blood bags. :)

Heh, I'm O-, but I can't give whole blood anymore due to a false negative on something I can't even remember the name of. :/ Kinda sucks. Made me feel good to donate.
rajewel's avatar
I'm an AB- >_<, found that one out the hard way, even after already knowing.

In grade 12 we did a strange activity to blood type ourselves, it was very hightec. We were all given a sterilized semi-sharp piece of metal and told to stab our finger tip until we bleed. Once we managed that (a surprisingly hard thing to do actually o_x) we put some on a slide and the teacher added A/B/+ antigens to it to see if it would congeal (go all lumpy), meaning its reacting and therefor you don't have that antigen. So if the A one went lumpy, but not the B, you were a B blood type, if both went lumpy, you're an O etc etc.

Yeah, so I confirmed what I already knew of being AB- xD. Stupid piece of metal wasn't long enough to stab hard enough to break the skin easily >_< that was a long class.

Hehe, the last guy to get himself to bleed got overly frustrated and stabbed himself too hard. He practically covered the table in blood. Sanitary~
IcecoldAngel's avatar
I know that i wanted to test my bloods ph some time ago, But I was told that IF somebody had a disease like AIDS then it would be a bad idea... O.O
rajewel's avatar
I don't know why that'd be that a bad idea, unless done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

I can't see it being overly risky to the person with AIDs, since the test can be done with just a few drops of blood (as above example shows), though I suppose it could leave a wound for infection, but if the site is disinfected a needle wound shouldn't be a big deal, even if they have a weak immune system. Though anything could be risky for them.

It COULD be dangerous to the tester though if things aren't done right. AIDs can be transmitted by blood, so if the tester, for example, accidently pricks themselves with the needle they used on the patient (for one reason or another, such as when trying to put the cap back on) they could possibly get HIV from the person. That or if they have a open cut and for some reason get blood into it. I'm sure there are other possibilities too.

...wait, you said blood ph, did you mean Rh? The ph has to do with how acidic/basic the blood is, and it should be a pretty consistent number for most people, its REALLY bad if the ph changes. Normal ph is usually between 7.35 and 7.45 (which is slightly basic).
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