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=DJStrife said something in #devart about how we needed an emote with a rapier, so I made this. :slow:

EDIT: Made him a bit faster and made his coloring more saturated.
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how do you make these custom emotes work?
sashwrin's avatar
It would be good if there was two of the little guys for the word touché.
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Darn it doesn't work for me...
Ratch17's avatar
flynn1978's avatar
This would be good for the Facebook poke function!! :D
Dark1577-7's avatar
im a fencer! this looks awesome~!
RIGHTEOUSquest1911's avatar
Jeremr's avatar
it s wonderful!!!
I do fencin!!!!
hinah14's avatar
I love it! Magically delicious!
Armadais's avatar
Thats one great emote, I absolutely love it.
PMjaysplayhouse's avatar
fence me vitch im ready lol
Night-Fencer's avatar
Definitely a fave. ^^
AWdeV's avatar
wow! awesome emote, though the sword's maybe a tad too vague, still a fave-worthy though :)
robofan's avatar
I hope my animations will be as good as yours someday! :D
12memories's avatar
what can't you do? :evileye:
Chimpantalones's avatar
...Read the acronym title in your signature, for one thing. :bucktooth:
12memories's avatar
lol omg you didn't :crying:
as long as you don't know what it means :evileye:
noodlezoop's avatar
awesome! definitely faving. and ill show it to my fencing coach. XD
DarkTail67's avatar lost about this :dead:
Litteratura's avatar
Oh my god!!! That's the best ever. Now you need to do an entire bout.
Chimpantalones's avatar
That would prove to be a good deal more difficult. :slow:
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