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I have been less active for three reasons:

:bulletorange: personal shit, I spilled some of it on my profile a while ago out of self-frustration and I slightly regret that

:bulletorange: real life shit, I've been financially subsisting on savings and temporary gigs. Don't want to go to college, wouldn't know what to study even if I did. Don't want to just stagnate in the same job and place my whole life either, from a bigger picture perspective. Military is definitely not an option. And I know I'm not going to be alive forever, let alone young, so... shit.

Lately I've been doing one of those programs where you stay at different places for a certain amount of time in exchange for work, which has been fairly interesting so far. I just got back to New England

:bulletorange: there's not much to talk about anymore. Sjws have been a dead horse for a while now, in fact I've noticed an equal and opposite shift across the internet. I'm also tired of politics and religion in general, mostly because of the tribalism. For example there are people who adhere to (more or less) the same concept of gender equality but are still polarized over it. Why? They can't agree on a name for the idea (feminism vs egalitarianism, even though the idea already does have a name... it's called 'gender equality'). Shit like this is what I'm talking about, excessive preoccupation with the whole identity aspect while little or nothing gets accomplished. And I was heavily caught up in this too, some of the stamps I've made show that, in fact a lot of them no longer reflect how I think.

I feel like most people just strive to call themselves something for the sake of calling themselves something. It was some quality material while it lasted though, the memories are still fond.

I'm not sure what to do with this account. I've had it since I was 15 (very dark and pitiful times) so naturally there are still a bunch of horrifyingly stupid posts that are still floating around, but those are old and this account still has sentimental value therefore I'm not deactivating it. I'm open to suggestions I guess

I'm still alive though, unless I die an untimely death, then I won't be around to say "whoops nvm I'm not alive anymore, the concentrated energy that was puppeting my body is now radiating all over the damn place".

/self-obsessed ramble


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