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Hiya folks! I'm Tetiro from ZFGC. To celebrate 25 years of Zelda me and a few others are developing a Zelda Fan Game to celebrate 25 years of Zelda which consists of a ton of allusions to the other zelda games. In fact we got 40 allusions in the story just up to the first dungeon!

Anywho, about myself. I'm a game developer university student and in the final year of my course. Yes I'll graduating next year!

Click the link below to start the adventure that legends call The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells!

Favourite Visual Artist
Whoever design the Skyward Sword style
Favourite Movies
District 9, Professor Layton
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Brothers & Sisters, Torchwood, Merlin
Favourite Games
The Zelda franchise, The Final Fantasy franchise, XENOBLADE, The Assassin's Creed franchise
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Paint and Game Maker
Other Interests
Game Development
Hey guys, I'm writing to let you know the game died. I didn't lose interest in it. My laptop that held all the data perished and the data was lost. I thought I could find it on my memory sticks but I couldn't. I tried to rebuild it but life and uni got in the way. But I sit here, thinking about what it taught me. It taught me how the environment in a game is what makes it great. In fact, even now I use the lessons learnt from this fangame in my first professional indie game, Legena  : Union Tides which I will be bringing back here. Will I rebuild Chiming Bells or make another fangame? Maybe one day. But only when I feel I could bring a qual
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Tut tut, I have been disgraceful with my lack of screenshots lately. So today I produce an update on the Water Chapter's progress. I've been working on the story scenes. Done alot already today. Doing even more later tonight. There's another 8 story scenes, 4 enemy scenes and 7 optional scenes left to work on. Overall, this is what's left on my to do list [list] [*]19 Scenes [*]1 Sidequest [*]1 Mini Game [*]1 Enemy, 1 Mini Boss and 2 Bosses (1's optional) [*]Optional Chests [/list] Then when all of that's done, the Water Chapter will be ready. I will be posting more screenshots soon!
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Ladies and gentleman! The Song of Bells is now complete! It's time for a song time! The song is sung to the Ballad of the Goddess music! - Watch this one first to understand the rhythm - If you want it orchestra - If you want it magical ---Chorus--- Oh, Chiming Bells Sound your story Hear all the music that they ring Goddesses tell Heroes glory Feel the chimes of the bells within ---Verse #1--- Legends of time About the bells Made by Gods, they say... Come, let it chime Spirits will tell They will g
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Welcome on DA! I've been following your project for a while (ZFGC)... since it was completely GB-styled! :3
I'm following you on DA! ;D
Thanks for the welcoming message!
Yup I remember those old days when it was GB styled. That version of it won me a NCFC Best Zelda :)
Great to hear about the following! I hope to bring many screenshots to the DA!