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River Present by ChimericMachinations River Present :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 0 Lucifer by ChimericMachinations Lucifer :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 2 2
“Is it a good story?” said the child, wide-eyed as he sat back in the curve of the crumbling building arch.
“No.” The creature admitted. “It’s an unkind story. The type that twists you up inside, because you don’t want to believe such things can be true, but eventually you realize that we are all part of at least one.”
“I don’t get it.” He said, pouting.
“Some day you will. Some day you’ll hate me for it, Lili, but that hate will keep you alive.”
“Not as long as you stay.” He yawned, leaning into her white-furred side. “Keep me warm! Then I can’t hate you.”
Chimera put down her head as he fell asleep, his breathing slowing. She could feel all the time he had ahead of him, hundreds of potential futures and sweeps all in one small body. Trolls had such a long time to work at hatred.
One day she’d tell him the story of why he was hers.
This day, the child in the ruined c
:iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 0 2
Goin' Up in Flames by ChimericMachinations Goin' Up in Flames :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 2 6 Gar by ChimericMachinations Gar :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 4 2
Once It Is Spoken, I Ask Her No More
Miruka picked up the troll child and held it, examining it from each angle squinting as much as a creature whose eyes were decorative emeralds could squint.
Nearby, Chimera tossed hers into the air with her tail, and grabbed it again with both hands as it whooped and hollered.
The wyvern gave her an irritated look as her own squirmed and struggled to be put down. It tried to bite her, but only found tough green scales its small fangs had no hope of piercing. It hissed.
“Have it your way, then.” She grumbled, and put the small creature back down in its cocoon full of green slime, where it settled it and closed its eyes.
“Chimera!” She called sharply, looking across to her irritating companion, now on the crest of another sand dune. There was a perfectly good city nearby, too, but they were out in this featureless wasteland. It was just like her.
“Hmm?” said the furred creature absentmindedly, now balancing her child on one foot as she floated upside d
:iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 2
Son Vie En Rose by ChimericMachinations Son Vie En Rose :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 0 0 Jackie by ChimericMachinations Jackie :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 6 2 To See How Bright by ChimericMachinations To See How Bright :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 8 Immoron by ChimericMachinations Immoron :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 0 0 Camille by ChimericMachinations Camille :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 0 Karina by ChimericMachinations Karina :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 0 Vivi by ChimericMachinations Vivi :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 2 4 Bright Apogee by ChimericMachinations Bright Apogee :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 3 4
The Old Times Were Bad, But So Was I
Sometimes I tire
The restraint of a leash I wove cutting in my neck
There is good reason for it
I am made to pull, and gnaw -
chatter bile and resentment from lips smiling when written barbs hit soft spots
It is better to be kind even when unheard
To not worry a subject with teeth in its flesh until scraps are left
Good reason withers in the irk of its scathing repeat
Until I am tempted to rear up
Try a fight that has no possible victory
There would only be shame and guilt after
I itch, satisfaction a futile prize
So temporary, so easily lost
:iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 1 0
It May Be Dark by ChimericMachinations It May Be Dark :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 0 2
Here lie creatures and features.


Skipping Through a Silent Night by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Skipping Through a Silent Night :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 178 5 You'll See by knux33 You'll See :iconknux33:knux33 11 2 Silvery shore by Nothofagus-obliqua Silvery shore :iconnothofagus-obliqua:Nothofagus-obliqua 154 18 Rage by Ramvling Rage :iconramvling:Ramvling 2 1 Full Moon Silhouette Part 3 by Tephra76 Full Moon Silhouette Part 3 :icontephra76:Tephra76 10 0 Past to Dust - Page 10 (Finale) by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Past to Dust - Page 10 (Finale) :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 90 13 Emporium- Lights Out! 35 by Ramvling Emporium- Lights Out! 35 :iconramvling:Ramvling 4 3 House Lamb by Bloo-Jay House Lamb :iconbloo-jay:Bloo-Jay 6 2 Parasaurolophus by MasterOfGeckos Parasaurolophus :iconmasterofgeckos:MasterOfGeckos 2 3
Limping Home

“Nearly there, Uncle Lead,” Ferus panted, shifting his grip on the other’s arm and body before continuing at a slow pace up the light incline. “Nearly there.”
It was painful, hearing each and every smothered noise of pain from his uncle as they moved slowly but surely down the path towards the Nook. And there was no way to ease Lead’s travel: with only one leg, each step was a jarring ruffe of his entire injured frame. All they could do was just keep going.
The Nook was in sight when Ferus spotted something else familiar in the sky approaching quickly.
“Stop a minute,” Ferus said, still holding Lead tight to help his heavily injured uncle stay upright. “Ferrum’s coming.”
“Ferus,” Lead’s breathing was short and quick, words slipping out quickly and quietly. There was a sadness to them that Ferus didn’t understand. “Let me do the talking.”
:iconknux33:knux33 4 2
Commission: Rock the Carousel! by Earthsong9405 Commission: Rock the Carousel! :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 791 11 CommCustom: Celestia x Rain Shine by Lopoddity CommCustom: Celestia x Rain Shine :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 2,250 59 [GoA] App Progression by cosmicguts [GoA] App Progression :iconcosmicguts:cosmicguts 57 5 Autumn Times by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen Autumn Times :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 487 9 Get dunked on by zarla Get dunked on :iconzarla:zarla 2,521 274 Commission: The Queen by Earthsong9405 Commission: The Queen :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 443 8


After looking at an OCT I find cool but yet again, cannot enter because they do not accept literature, I've finally had it to the point where I have to say something even if it's just me screaming into the void.

Let me preface by saying: I do understand why many OCTs only accept comics. Writing is more time consuming to read, and I understand that some people prefer not to grade writing and comics side by side, even if I personally disagree with that. I also respect that it's every individual's choice to run their tournament how they want.

However, I think a lot of tournaments shoot themselves in the foot when they only accept visual media-based entries.

Why? Well, there's several whys.

The first and most obvious problem is that it limits the potential pool of auditioners. I know dA mostly celebrates visual work, and there's nothing wrong with that, but there are also many writers on this site who would love to participate in tournaments and would work hard at telling a good story. Many OCTs are smaller these days and have a harder time getting members; why should they disadvantage themselves further?

The second issue is that some people, like myself, cannot make comic-based entries because it would have a negative impact on their health. I can draw, yes, but my carpal tunnel greatly limits how much I can do so, and I'm far from the only person with such issues.

Third: some stories are easier to tell in literature form. Depending on the character, their narrative may simply not be suited for comics, and would work best in written words. 

Fourth: many people do not have the time to do a fully drawn entry because of real-life time constraints! It seems unfair to keep them from using literature for part or all of their round simply because they don't have the time to do a fully drawn one.

Fifth: this is more personal, but I have never found it at all difficult to judge writing and comics side by side. I've never once had an issue with it in all my years of hosting. I think art is a wonderful tool to tell a story, but it is not superior to literature. Just because it takes longer to read does not make it less worthy of inclusion.

I understand if hosts have personal issues with large amounts of text, like dyslexia. But frankly, I find not accepting literature as something of an indicator of laziness and a lack of being open-minded. I'm aware that's not always the case, but it is very frustrating when as a writer I would like to join a tournament and cannot because they don't accept literature. This has happened to me several times.

It's unfair, and it's self-defeating. It would be wonderful if more people realized the value of the written word in OCTs.
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I go by Cloud or Cloudie.
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