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Chimereons are a closed species based off of ground-lion 's character Clair.

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Don't hesitate to note one of us if you have a question or concern!

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tick by DiegoVainillaYou may purchase designs through auctions or flatsales.
tick by DiegoVainillaMYO (Make Your Own) and DTA (Draw to Adopt) events will be held periodically.
tick by DiegoVainillaGroup contests can sometimes have a Chimereon as a prize (MYO, custom, etc)

cactus pixel emoticon by tontohFeel free to join the group whether you have a Chimereon or not!
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So, Google Forms FCFS slots didn't go well due to crashing and lag - how should we do things moving forward, in the coming months? 

345 deviants said Get rid of FCFS altogether and switch to just raffling off 40 slots, instead of 20 FCFS 20 Raffle
224 deviants said Split FCFS Google Form into FTO and AO
151 deviants said Go back to replying to Spyromancy's dA comment for FCFS like it used to be
16 deviants said Other (comment your suggestion)


The time has come to pick the 10 lucky winners of the September2021 FTO MYO Raffle!

Give a big congratulations to the following users!

1. Pr1ncely

2. TyokaYuka

3. laurekay

4. sea-ren

5. Delzol

6. NauticaMarine

7. Jackdawheart

8. CosmicWays

9. Bexa164

10. Levitating-Pickles

Please make sure to follow this guideline when creating your chams! Your MYO slot allows you to create ONE COMMON CHIMEREON. Please also make sure to read the guidelines regarding MYO Chimereons, as well!

MYO Guide: FAQ by ground-lion MYO SELLING/TRADING GUIDELINESHey everyone, Pockii here.
It's partially our fault for not making this more clear. But here are some rules regarding the permissions of giving away your free MYO Chimereon.
 You cannot gift/trade your MYO if it has not been approved for a month or 30 days. This is just to ensure that people don't create a MYO Chimereon just for the sake of giving it away to someone or trading it right off the bat.
If you didn't pay for commissions for your MYO, you can only trade or gift them. This means you can trade them for other characters or art, or you can simply give them away for free.
You are NOT allowed to sell your MYO for points/money unless you actually paid for art of them.
You are only allowed to sell your MYO for what you paid for them. Art that you drew yourself doesn't count, unfortunately.
If your MYO hasn't been approved and you

Once you have your Chimereon designed, please head over to the MYO Approval Center to have a mod check it out and make sure it follows the rules! You do NOT need to draw a prompt for these once we approve the design.

This is the MYO Approval Center for Chimereons.
Here you can submit Chimereon MYO slot designs for approval.
Official MYO slots can be obtained via bi-monthly slot sales, as event prizes, or through the FTO raffle and will have placeholder entries on the Masterlist under the owner’s name. If you do not own an official MYO slot, DO NOT POST HERE.
When creating your MYO make sure to reference the Official Trait ListDO NOT reference the Masterlist. We are in the slow process of updating older entries to reflect current information and fix inconsistencies.
All MYO slots have subspecies, color, and trait limits that should be listed on the Masterlist entry. If it is not listed and you are not sure, please check with a moderator.

You will be noted shortly about further details!

AND THE OCTOBER 2021 FTO MYO RAFFLE IS NOW OPEN!  Please click here for info/to enter!

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Tinybars Featured By Owner Edited Oct 20, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Hello! I'm an old member here and have been inactive in deviantart for years so I'm not up-to-date with this group anymore. I'm thinking of giving away my chimereon since I'm no longer attached to them and have no use for them sadly. Any rules I should take note of and where can I find someone interested in having one? Also I'm not looking for anything in return. I just wanna give them away for free (if that's allowed?)
(3 Replies)
falcon-pup Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello old member here i ask almosy a year ago and i can't find my old comment . I made my cham a long time ago and am no longer pleased with her design and i was wondering i i could twik her design within the parameters of corse.
(1 Reply)
ArcadiaThePeep Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
old member here, and i'm wonderin- is there an item to completely redesign my MYO character? (more like completely change the colors). I know theres gummy goo leafs but theres colors i wanna completely change
(1 Reply)
RadPanda426 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Old member returning here, where/when can we purchase cham MYOs with beetoles?
Darkfang193 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2021
Is there going to me a MYO Slot Sale this month?
(1 Reply)
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