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[i]: sprout pixel by plushponWelcome to the World of Chimereons [i]: sprout pixel by plushpon
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Chimereons are a closed species based off of ground-lion 's character Clair.

[i]: potted flower pixel by plushponStaff [i]: potted flower pixel by plushpon

11 by HoshPoshBig Boss 11 by HoshPosh
22 by HoshPoshLil Bosses 22 by HoshPosh
smol by plantskidModerators smol by plantskid
(F2U) sparkles by peachkonpeitoHelpers (F2U) sparkles by peachkonpeito

Don't hesitate to note one of us if you have a question or concern!

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Mushroom Bullet 2 by GasaraOfficial Chimereon Discord Server Mushroom Bullet 2 by Gasara

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tick by DiegoVainillaYou may purchase designs through auctions or flatsales.
tick by DiegoVainillaMYO (Make Your Own) and DTA (Draw to Adopt) events will be held periodically.
tick by DiegoVainillaGroup contests can sometimes have a Chimereon as a prize (MYO, custom, etc)

cactus pixel emoticon by tontohFeel free to join the group whether you have a Chimereon or not!
* by KittyrockerNew members are ALWAYS welcome * by Kittyrocker

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:bulletgreen: Chimereon Masterlist
How to get your Chimereon on the Masterlist

:bulletgreen: Chimereon T.O.S. (UPDATED 11/16/18)

:bulletgreen: Chimereon Upgrade Shop

:bulletgreen: Treasury

:bulletgreen: MYO Approval Center

:bulletgreen: Guest Designer Application Form

:bulletgreen: Official Chimereon Trading Center

:bulletgreen: Traits/Rarity List

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Group icon made by Ponacho

Which item would you like to see added to the shop next? 

1,060 deviants said Wing Growth (feathered, bat, dragon, etc)
1,040 deviants said Mutations (eye anomalies, extra limbs, etc)
876 deviants said Sub-Species Change (Aquatic, Avian, Invertebrate)
516 deviants said Re-Design (heavily edit an approved design you're not happy with)
30 deviants said Other? (comment!)


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Hello all! We thought it was about time we opened up a Google Form
to allow you users to give us feedback on the group and how we run things.
Please do have a look at it if you want to, and fill it out if you have the time!

It can be filled out anonymously, or with a username if you like.
All the questions are optional, so answer as few or as many as you'd like!
You can also submit more than one response, if it's been awhile since you last submitted.
(We do respectfully ask for serious responses only, please! No jokey ones, haha.)

Submit Feedback Here!
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TiaTea Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Uh hello, will there be a Myo open one day? Or is there one currently open?
(2 Replies)
wolfEva123 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Might i ask how many more weeks till the 3rd gacha wave is happening? I understand if no but if the actual date will be shown where do i look? Do i look on this chimereon front page or other pages?
(1 Reply)
thiccs Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to clutter the comments and bother you guys with my dumb question but i got a cham in a trade recently and was wondering was there like a place were i go to post & get my redesign approved? It didnt seem like there was unless i stupidly passed it over;w;
(1 Reply)
ProxyPixel Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
When I was in the Discord I think this question was answered, but for the life of me I can't remember the answer.
If we have an Aquatic Cham with head fins, can we have them drooped so it looks like a hairstyle? If not, can a buy the hair cream and do that with the fins to avoid loopholes?

This is the cham: Cham1055
I have no images of the style yet but I will send any if needed.
(1 Reply)
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