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Spider-Man: Homework

Done a couple of months ago after I saw that awesome piece of concept art of Spidey and the Vulture. I thought it would be fun to see Vulture trying to steal a synthetic Cosmic Cube, with Spidey desperately trying to catch him fast enough to avoid getting to school tardy. Spidey, however, has forgotten to secure the stuff in his backpack. Oops.
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Next day Spidey’s excuse will be: my Vulture ate my homework... great job on the art tho! Looks fire
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This is AMAZING!!
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I love everything about this pic!!!
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I love this pic!!! Well done 👏 👏👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏!!!
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Haha The stuff falling out his back pack
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Love marvel. Live your art.
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Do you do requests?
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This Vulture looks alot better then that previous concept art version they had, Well done  
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I think that one was better, it had that cool classic aviator look. I just did this to be different. :( But yeah I'm glad you dig it!!! :D
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I can never tire of your work. Absolutely fabulous and well done. :faint:
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Thanks, Jen! Sometimes hearing stuff like that is enough to make it worth the effort. :nod: :D
LovinSpoonfuls's avatar
You're absolutely welcome, darlin! :heart:

And I definitely agree with you. It's always nice to know your art is being appreciated. I'm glad I could help out in some small way. ;)
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:headbang: I'm happy you think so. :)
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Oh no, his homework is flying away. ;)
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Better whip up some new papers before entering the classroom. :D
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haha :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  poor spidey 
awesome work :) (Smile) 
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Yep. Thank you!
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