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Avengers: Endgame - The Welcome Wagon

Hey guys! :D Here’s a piece I painted about a month ago, after I saw the part in the trailer where Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor walk toward Thanos. I wondered how the big three’s battle against him might go, so I created this scenario. Thanos and Thor brawl, with Mr. Purple Ballchin winning, pinning Thor to the ground with his foot. He stands triumphantly, raises his arm, ready to snap his fingers, gloating about his victory, when suddenly Cap pounces on him and desperately tries to remove the gauntlet. Seeing that isn’t a viable option, he instead tries to break or at least separate Thanos’ fingers. His grip starts to slip and he calls out to Tony for back-up. Iron Man swiftly flies in but Thanos’ situational awareness is exceptional, leaving Iron man no time to maneuver out of the way as the mad titan catches him by the face midflight. Thor uses the opportunity to call out to Stormbreaker, hopefully turning the tide of battle in their favor .


Captain America: TONY! I can’t hold out much longer.

Iron Man: I see you, Cap. I’m on my w---OOF!


Anyway, that’s not how it happened, but still, this was a fun exercise in storytelling and painting. I hope you enjoy this little bit of fanfiction.

I’ll probably do a more movie accurate version of this and other scenes if I ever get free time. This piece is still incomplete, I still need to add textures to Cap and Thor’s armors, textures all over, battle-damage/weathering,  and other miscellanea. I do think it’s good enough to post, so I thought I’d share it with you. I do have some other sketches I made, I’ll put them up when they’ve been polished up a bit. A couple of  my predictions came true, too bad I wasn’t able to post those pieces up before the movie came out, like I did for Infinity War.

Feel free to download, comment and share. ;) What scenes would you liked to have seen in the movie? What scenes excited and affected you the most?

Emil - Gaiaverse
Hello, watchers! Here's a commissioned piece I did earlier this year. :) A futuristic female knight in powered armor with a retro aesthetic. I had a lot of fun with this painting, metal is always fun to do, and warrior women are always awesome. :)

Please do not use, this is for display purposes only. Copyright belongs to the client.

Feel free to leave a comment!
Aaaaaaaaaaand another crash. My work is really suffering from all these delays. I'll probably open up a couple more commission slots this month after I finish my current projects. I really need to buy a new pc. I guess this means no new fanart for a while. :(
Avengers: Endgame - Thanos
I remembered to post this. :D The title says it all. This is a work in progress of a something I imagine could happen in the Avengers movie. Thanos bloodied and beaten, with his prefectly balanced infinity sword shattered, driving home how utterlt defeated he is. Gamora(or the soulstone)  converses with him, probably imploring him to reconsider his current  mindset and and to think of what he wants his future(end?) to be. I didn't have time to finish this and other concepts due to the amount of work I have. I'll probably finish it once my schedule clears up and I see the movie. No spoilers, please!
Out of the hospital. :) Work is slow, I need to rest from time to time, but overall better. I'll probably be in top form within a few days. :D


Florencio Duyar III
Artist | Varied
Eyes on the prize.

Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite style of art: Non-abstract
Shell of choice: Turtle. :D
Skin of choice: My own.
Hey guys! I just realized it's been over a year since I made my last journal entry. :D Nope I'm not dead, and sorry about that, I'll be updating a lot more.
And yeah, Avengers was awesome, Amazing Spider-Man I haven't seen yet, and The Dark Knight Rises... Well, I think it'll be epic too.
Speaking of art, I've got lots to show you. Fanart and personal stuff. I'm still tweaking my concepts for the Avengers, so in the meantime, enjoy some fantastic stuff from my friend :iconsheridan-j: :headbang:

#08 FURY by Sheridan-J #02 THOR by Sheridan-J #03 STARK by Sheridan-J
#04 HAWKEYE by Sheridan-J #05 CAPTAIN AMERICA -masked- by Sheridan-J #06 HULK by Sheridan-J
#07 BLACK WIDOW by Sheridan-J #05 CAPTAIN AMERICA by Sheridan-J #01 LOKI by Sheridan-J
LOKI-THOR Wallpaper by Sheridan-J #9000 THE AVENGERS by Sheridan-J LOKI- TESSERACT by Sheridan-J

Beautiful stuff, isn't it? :D  Makes a person want to paint better. ;)

I'll also be posting stuff from the graphic novel I'm making. I hope you'll support it.

Til next time!
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