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  • Listening to: Two Steps From Hell's "Solaris" Album.
  • Reading: Tumblr dash.
  • Watching: Gargoyles, original Star Trek
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  • Drinking: Fruit smoothie.
What the hell, needed to update my Journal anyway.

At the end of October I'll have been a member of dA for... wow, eight years? Eight years. I first joined dA to have a place to display my non-SF&F work, because Elfwood didn't allow anything other than that. Set up my account and uploaded most of my first pieces during my evening Business class in college, because the class was easy and I was really frigging bored, you guys.

First thing I ever posted:

Mostly I needed a place for my paper snowflakes, which continue to improve.
TrebleFlake by ChimeraDragonfang <-Then vs. Now -> TrebleFlake Redux by ChimeraDragonfang
BassFlake by ChimeraDragonfang <-Then vs. Now -> BassFlake Redux by ChimeraDragonfang
G1Flake by ChimeraDragonfang <-Then vs. Now -> G1Flake Redux by ChimeraDragonfang

Eventually I found I just didn't give a shit about Elfwood anymore, deleted my account there and made dA my main base of operations online. It has been so for most of those almost-eight-years, with 733 deviations and counting.

The only category currently playing host to more of my work than Papercutting & Scherenschnitte (75 deviations) is Raw Fractals (81 deviations).

I dabble with papercutting, fractal art, glass and stone engraving, sewing, polymer and other clays, occasional easy culinary stuff, metal etching, beadwork, dreamcatchers, woodworking, vectors, digital painting and drawing, traditional painting and drawing, 3-dimensional digital art, photography, writing (predominantly sci-fi), along with the occasional tutorial and stock images.

Deviation with the most views, faves and comments? This one:

Also my third Daily Deviation (other two are here and here).
I'm a little bit embarrassed by the state of this thing. It really does need a major overhaul, but as always, I have Too Many Things going on to want to add to the pile. It's already a wonder I haven't yet died under a collapsed heap of unfinished projects.

Re: uploads, my stats say my most active hours of the day are between 22:00 and 02:00. Make of that what you will. Very much nocturnal, is Chim.

I've met so many awesome people on dA. illmatar and MGMags, flufdrax, TheAntimonyElement, RalfMaximus, Autumn-Hills, kenyastarflight, Hell-is-a-56, crystal-rex, and especially the Nexus of Awesome: Aederith, Kestus, SH9DOW and my mind-melded partner-in-crime AngelWarriorQueen. I AIM TO MEET YOU LOT IN PERSON ONE DAY, EXCEPT ANGEL WHOM I WILL BE MEETING IN PERSON AGAIN.

Now have some other people's art, because why not?

Stone Owly by flufdrax Wire Wrapping Attempt 1 by Hell-is-a-56 I Will Just Sit Here by MGMags Diorama Detail - Swoop 1 by kenyastarflight
Living With a Smart GunMarta decided she needed a gun after the boost had gone wrong. Oh, technically, it’d gone flawlessly – 1.2B New Yen siphoned away from Bank Shanghai and into six different offshore accounts, undetected – but when she’d gone to get paid things went sour.
She wasn’t a people person. Normally the human relations aspect of her work were handled by Konroy, but he’d fled the country temporarily and hadn’t returned her calls in weeks. She needed to eat. So she’d dug through his list of contacts, found a likely client, and reached out. The job specs they’d sent her seemed easy enough, and it was.
But upon meeting with the lovely folks behind the mail address she realized her mistake: upon delivery she had no leverage over them. The money was boosted, and they had the account numbers and passwords. To her dismay they even had the keys to her secret, 7th account, the one she’d nabbed for herself. Apparently they’d had a tech of th
Cherry Blossom Camouflage by TheAntimonyElement
VivisectedTo look at myself I cut me up
slab me out
like broken grammar
wet with blood
and read between the steaks
that are my substance.
I always mess my hands
and see them small in the baby sink
white porcelain and allotment mud
school toilet flashback
paper towels rough and blue
hear the ghost voices screaming behind my head.
What do I get for self-slaughter?
Headaches and horizons
a sense of distance
from the me of bruised knees and fists.
Skinny. Blue and grey.
A swinging gate made of bars.
Can’t get away from wanting to get away,
my sleeping head is full of roads.
Bad food and bad patterns plug the dike
that and empty pockets.
I’ve got enough to tie myself up
with sugar and salt for a cure.
I am the sum of my prime cuts.
Maybe more. In invented spaces
in fire and music and skin and sex
there’s some me fragment
that doesn’t need a doctor.
That doesn’t need.

Mature Content

Emancipation by illmatar
Umbral Reign Chapter 1 : Coming StormAnother arrival. Another batch. Unfortunate souls for the taking, who knew what for. Wicked in the eyes of some, but business as usual. The purpose was higher, but unspoken of. Even when questioned, the goal went without elaboration and answers were kept vague, strictly to a measure of truth that revealed little. Not that she cared.
The clouds in the skies above were darkening the day and the seas were gradually becoming more unsettled as they pulled in to the makeshift dock, unwilling passengers in tow. The tiniest of spits of rain began to fall, heralding the early signs of a storm. They were fortunate to arrive when they did, beating out the weather by the smallest of margins and ensuring their cargo survived the trip to their little island, not that they themselves were in any danger. Perhaps she may have been, but not with her brother present.
“Ill omen, they say on the seas. For the land walkers, at least,” Sydyan mused as he pulled the boat ashore. He carefully faste

<da:thumb id="441398582"/> Deviant Guild : Angel's Story
The Deviant Guild - Angel's Story
June 10th, 20XX
The war of people versus SCRAPs (God I hate that word with a passion), is getting more and more bloody as time goes on. Ignoring the horrific fact that every SCRAP that goes into government care is either put down like dogs or dissected (sometimes both), I wonder if people truly realize the darker ramifications of the SCRAPs' arrival.
Too many characters aren't aware of what they are. I and a great majority of my Guildmates were quite lucky to have granted our characters fourth wall awareness. Those who weren't aware of their true existence before their sudden arrival into our world suffer a type of survivor's guilt, an existential crisis unlike any the world has seen before. After all, how would you feel if you were thrust into an alien world and told that all you knew, all that you were was the result of a person's imagination?
It's no surprise that suicide rates for SCRAPs are insanely high. Not high enough though, to satis
District 9 by SH9DOW
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Hell-is-a-56 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Thank you for featuring me!

I hear you about the project heap...
Autumn-Hills Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional Writer
Thanks for including me, and that poem of mine (it's not even a very good one ;) )
I feel bad as ever that I'm not on dA very often these days. I should do one of these journal things, though as a non-premium member I don't think I'll be able to embed pretty images in the same way!

Let me blatantly copy illmatar and say that if you ever want a short break on the East coast of England, my wife and I could sort that out for you! :)
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
I think embedding thumbnails is something everyone can do now, and no longer a Premium-exclusive perk, but I'm not entirely certain on that.

I've got some friends up in Scotland, so maybe one of these years will find me making a few-weeks-long tour around the UK. :la:
Autumn-Hills Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Professional Writer
That would be cool. Despite the downward-trend in politics, living conditions and so on, it's a nice country.
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Likewise if you ever find yourself Scandinavia-bound, I have couch space here in Bergen, Norway.
Autumn-Hills Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Professional Writer
That would be very cool, I'll keep that in mind.
illmatar Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
You know sometimes I wonder how a person who has not one but three Daily Deviations ever stoops to speak to me.  It makes me hopeful some of your awesome will rub off on me.  (Alas that doesn't really work.  Stephen King shook my hand once - and I even managed to pretend I didn't know who he was instead of of falling at his feet and swearing eternal fan-servitude.)

In any case, if you are ever looking for a Florida vacation you have a place to stay.  Our guest room is green, sorry, but it is next to the Office of Geekdom, and your stay comes with kitty love free of charge.
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
*Smears awesome all over everything.* I do believe we started chatting well before I received my first DD. ...Yep, the first comments I ever left were on any of your work are from November 10th 2007 (yes, I did just dig through my Favourites to find this info), and I got my first DD on December 24th of the same year (it was a piece of stock photography that maybe all of fifty people actually cared about). Apparently I have 408 Watchers, but I regularly talk with maaaybe 3-5% of that amount.

I will take you up on that offer one day. Can't say no to cats, after all. :B
illmatar Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
I sincerely believe that with the right filters on my sunglasses you will glow in an aura of awesome that surrounds you and leaves residual awesomeness radiation on that which you touch.

Khal Drogo awaits your visit.  Please hurry!  I need help draining energy off this thing so I can sleep tonight.  A full hour of work with the mousey on a fishing pole thingy yesterday before bed and I STILL didn't get any sleep!
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Have you considered acquiring something like…?
illmatar Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Can't afford it right now, but that is AWESOME!
Aederith Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014   Digital Artist
And here's to many more years of crazy. :icongrinstareplz:
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
:grinstarenod: Absolutely.
kenyastarflight Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Eeee, thanks for featuring my Swoop!  :D
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Welcome. :)
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