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Zelian Rune Stones in Blue

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And here they are done up in metallic blue! :QuasiLa: by ChimeraDragonfang
(Updated with a better photo that doesn't have quite as much icky glare.)

They're even more gorgeous in reality. From a distance it's a simple shiny blue, but up close you can see all the little sparkly flecks.

I love these things. Honestly the only way they could be any cooler was if they glowed in the dark.


I need to stop giving myself ideas.

Larger Views of Individual Stones
:bulletblue: AV Swoosh :bulletblue: Death :bulletblue: Destiny :bulletblue: Discovery :bulletblue: Earth :bulletblue: Electricity :bulletblue: Essence :bulletblue: Fear :bulletblue: Fire :bulletblue: Flight :bulletblue: Hate :bulletblue: Honour :bulletblue: Ice :bulletblue: Joined :bulletblue: Life :bulletblue: Omen :bulletblue: Pain :bulletblue: Passion :bulletblue: Renewal :bulletblue: Resolve :bulletblue: Tainted :bulletblue: Warrior :bulletblue: Water :bulletblue: Wind :bulletblue:

Zelian runes, rune designs and all things AV © crystal-rex. If you want to use these designs for anything, you need to ask her.

Used with permission.
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theabsintheartStudent Digital Artist

Thanks for the llama, this is beautiful!

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Thanks. Many hours of work, but so worth it.
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Hi, team member! I'm here with my Critmas critique to you for Critmas 2018- Let's go!

I really admire these. Even though I can't see the little sparks you're talking about in the descritpion, they do look really cool, and I love all the meanings and symbolism. It takes a lot of creativity and patience, and I think you've done a great job. Do you do the carving and add paint, or is the technique entirely different? (I'm not an expert on these things.)

Your creativity and variety are great! It's fantastic that every single design is unique.

Merry Christmas my fellow Poinsettia Pike!

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Yeah, done pretty much how you thing they are: I carved them using a Dremel and diamond burr (mostly round burrs, but a few cylindrical ones to get the sharp points), then filled in the engraved areas with porcelain paint. I think I explained it all on a previous piece and then clearly completely forgot to copy the information over to this post. Clicking on one of the links in the description that go to individual stones will show close-up shots where the shimmery sparkle bits are a bit more visible.

Can't claim credit for the designs themselves though. A friend did those and I just ran off with them and gouged them into glass.

Tribal Dance Tribal Dance Tribal Dance 
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Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9lHobbyist General Artist
Go for it! Give these glow-in-the-dark potential!
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I have glow-powders now, so perhaps one day I will. Not for a long time though; amidst the mass of other projects I have on the go currently, I am not taking on carving a whole new set of these.
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Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9lHobbyist General Artist
Oof! Well, keep up the good work!
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These are really cool! The blue of the runes really pops against the dark of the stones :) (Smile)  
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I know! I just love the shiny blue on the black. It's so classy and mysterious-looking.
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EdwinCourtenayProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my goodness! These are MARVELLOUS, do you sell these? Can I buy a set?? They are WONDERFUL
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No, I don't, sorry. The designs were created by and belong to someone else for her own personal worldbuilding project. Even if I were to go about getting permission to sell them, the store where I got the glass stones stopped carrying them, and the only other supplier I've found so far would cost me $60+ just to ship $10 worth of rocks, so there's only this one set of them, which I am not parting with. However, I'm totally up for custom engraving jobs (e.g. this kind of stuff if you have your own symbol/logo designs you want to see carved into stone. Or white glass. I'm out of the black stuff but I have two dozen or so white glass rocks left.
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AWESOME!!! XD That epic XD
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Thanks :D They consumed many hours of work, but were worth it.
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ShyLynxHobbyist Digital Artist
They're beautiful! Good job :D
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snazzie-designz General Artist
Really stunning :D The electric blue is sublime. Do you engrave them, then paint them?
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
Yep. Diamond burrs and a Dremel.
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snazzie-designz General Artist
Cool. Fabulous :D
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Charlene-ArtHobbyist General Artist
These are gorgeous.
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Shatiel85Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
they are just awesome :) they are stones right? not clay...
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Shatiel85Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
oh never seen in this dark color :D
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Dragons-GardenProfessional Artisan Crafter
Wow this are fantastic!
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