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Star Wars Flake



And the insanity continues. Rebel Alliance crest, Galactic Empire crest, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, X-Wing, Y-Wing. The lines that act as filler to hold it all together are supposed to look like the main laser of the Death Star firing, but I don't know if it comes across very well. Part of it tore, but oh well.

Time spent: About an hour planning and sketching, two and a half hours cutting.
Tools & Materials: Look here.
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The skill level on this is amazing and I love how everything is so clear and precise, to the point where even the wing panels are distinct and from different perspectives. I can hardly believe you only had one tear with all those skinny connections. But even knowing you face limitations with this unique medium of art, I sort of wish the Empire and Alliance logos were a bit more distributed throughout the image, or that maybe you had gone with one big Empire logo in the middle rather than three awkwardly right next to each other. Also, a bit of coloring from markers might be a cool addition, just some simple green on the lasers, red on the Empire logo, green or blue on the Alliance logo, that kind of thing.

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