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March 14, 2011
Check out all the dragons made with Bead Dragon Instructions by =ChimeraDragonfang!! This design resource is like visiting a tiny hatchery of baby dragons, all created with this fabulous pattern. The instructions are included for beading your very own little pet dragon toy. It's free even for commercial purposes as long as you link back to the tutorial and show =ChimeraDragonfang anything you create from her adorable pattern.
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Bead Dragon Instructions

I feel this thing is in serious need of an overhaul. In the years since I first put this together, I have tweaked and streamlined and refined my approach entirely, and these steps no longer reflect how I personally make these. But as I already have enough things on the go, redoing this'll just get added to the 'shit I will get around to eventually' pile. So you folks get to deal with this ugly thing until Chimera stops being lazy.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:If the download doesn't work for you, NOTE ME with your e-mail address (unless you want your e-mail address to be visible to everybody) and I'll send you the file.:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

A Note on Selling These: Yes, you may, so long as you provide links to this tutorial for other people. Spread the dragony love, people. Spread the dragony love.

The tutorial says not to use wire for these, but it can be done. Sort of. You have to cut out a bunch of the steps to make it work though.

Industrial-Pop has a simplified-for-wire-use wing diagram here.

Line-of-Birds has a journal entry with some information the more inexperienced beadworker might find useful.

Miryl has gone and knocked out a variant design over thisaway which is worth a look-see too for you wire-working folks.

And if, after all that, you decide you want a real challenge, take a gander at this incredible thing by Rrkra

If you find anything screwy with it, or any parts which you don't understand or want clarified, let me know.

2011-03-14: :woohoo: My third DD! :la: I will read every comment and do my best to reply, even if it does take me a while to get around to them all, and I appreciate each and every fave. Much thanks to FantasyStock for the feature.

Other people's dragons can be found here.

Rydiathedragon432 has gone and actually taken up/completed the unofficial challenge to make one out of tennis balls, and I am indeed duly impressed.
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glacerdragon's avatar

just a quick question how long dose the string need to be for the wings? and how thin dose it need to be too because when i tried i ran out of room to thred the beads

ChimeraDragonfang's avatar

Oh man I have not made one of these in aaages so I really don't remember. Best to go with much longer than you think you'll need and trim off any excess that's left over at the end. Just have to be careful while threading it through that it does not knot up. Get the thinnest stuff you can find; I've heard good things about Nymo brand beading thread, but have not used it myself. I have some ridiculously thin monofilament stuff, but I've had it for so long that any labels that may have been on the spool have long since fallen off, so I don't know what it is. You could also just use bigger beads to avoid the thread problem entirely.

Goldenstar86's avatar
Thank you for sharing I'm going to try and make one.
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
Awesome. Share the results when you do. :thumbsup:
ALStarbuck-1992's avatar
Thank you for sharing xxx

i u'st to do this as a kid but have recently picked it back up. Im so excited to have a go at this little guy 
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
No problem. I'm always excited to see what people do with this.
Thank you! Been looking for a guide and I can finally start. 
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
Started one of these today - broke a crucial bead in  2nd wing right at the end!  Finishing off tomorrow.  Thank you so much for a fantastic pattern.  
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
Boo to breaking beads. Were you able to salvage it?
No, I started again but that's ok.  Patience is a virtue right?! :)
Eades-Beads's avatar
Thank you for making this PDF :) I have started making these little dragons, and your PDF has been vary helpful! 
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
Glad you're enjoying it. Any finished ones yet?
Eades-Beads's avatar
Yes, I just need to get some photos on here now :)
EnderPompom's avatar
Can u send me the file?
EnderPompom's avatar
Oh wait I got it

I found the download button 
featherwind2060's avatar
I'm going to make one out of tennis balls! 
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
Good luck to you. :) So far one other person has done it. I hear the biggest issue is punching holes through all the balls.
monadot15's avatar
Aww so cute ❤
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