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Here's one with background, so you can see smoke properly: [link]
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Ooh... elaborate.

I like this, the hookah seems really detailed for something so small.
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hahaha awesome XD
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Thank you! :) It's my first emote :) (well, actually 3rd, but previous ones were nothing special)
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This is very well done. Nice job. :clap:
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I saw one of these near my neighborhood :dummy:
It's really cool when watching people doing those smoking thing;
though I think they're drinking or some sort? :shrug:
Great emote!
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Thank you. My friend bought shisha, and it's really cool, we always take it on our parties. You can make many funny things with the smoke xD It's no way like smoking a cigarette, tabacco for shisha is different, and have many great aromas to choose from, and because smoke goes through the water you can hear bubbling, so it kinda remsembles drinking :)
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Ohh, I see. That's why I usually see a group of people, like 3-4 people sitting there and blowing smoke. xD Thank you for sharing that! :dummy:
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Kewl! You even took the time to animate it! I made a simular one, but I was too lazy to animate it XD
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Sometimes I'm lazy too, but I need to practice animation a bit :)
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Yeah same here... I;m only short in time tho :(
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