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Semblance Wallpaper

:star: ! ! First of all !! :star:
If you dig' it and download it - You Fav it thanks & por favor ! ! :star:

I wanted these colors on my desktop so i cropped it and made a Wallpaper fitting my screen! If u need it in another size - let me know

Anyway - here u go - enjoy =)

May be used on personal desktops.

[EDIT 4/4 2010 .]

After seen many like this piece i made a new version - in 3 different sizes. I've changed the text and simply made it better.


Yet i dont know how to upload them as a package (iv'e seen many do that but dont know how!) Ask me the size you need and I see to it :)

copyrights @ - Thorbjørn fessel
All rights reserved.
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This is so beautiful! I love the colors!
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Wooooooooowwww! So beautiful!
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Wonderful and vibrant. I love it
this is breathtaking
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I used this as the background for my blog, but your watermark got cut off so I linked this page and gave you the credit. :) This is awesome
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Thank you . Care to link me? :)
Im glad you like it!
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[link] Your link is at the bottom. :D
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Hi I love this photo so much!!!! In fact I have had it as my desktop backdrop for a month now. I wanted to ask you if I could use this to make my iphone case. See theres a site I found that lets me custom iphone cases and other things and I love your photo so much I would love to use it! I just wanted to ask if this was ok with you seeing as it is your art.
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Hi there. Im very happy you like my work that much. The fact that you have used it for months now is an compliment with no measure !

You may use it for a Iphone cover on one condition, that you besure and remmeber to take a some fotos of it from different angles and post them here, og mail them to me - Since i would LOVE to see my art be used in such way.

Regards - ChilouX!
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Thank you so much!!! That will be the first thing I do when I get it!
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Sorry but unfortunately things aren't going as planned and I won't be able to get the custom iphone case that I was going to use your photo on. Though it is still my desktop background! Thank you so much for everything and I'm sorry about this.
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Dont be! :) Nothing to be sorry about :)

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You are welcome!
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Only one word: EPIC!!!
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only one word : THAN!KS
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I just set it as my wallpaper :D
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Thank you :) Appreciate the usage ! :)
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Absolutely beautiful! brilliant use of color
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Omg I'm so making this my desktop ^^
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