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Mabel pines was at her locker. She was staring at the pictures that were put up with magnets inside. One was when her twin brother Dipper had caught a fish when they went on a fishing trip with their great uncle stan. But that was over a month ago. It was now late september, and it was the end of the school day. Dipper walked up to his locker which was right next to Mabel’s. He had the hat that his crush wendy gave him on the last day of summer covering his eyes and was looking down at the ground. “Dipper?” Mabel asked his brother. “Are you okay?” Dipper didn’t say anything and continued putting the combination in his lock. Mabel, who didn’t like being ignored pulled off the lumber jack hat to reveal a black eye and bruises all over her brothers face. Mabel gasped at the sight. “Dipper! What happened?” Dipper immediately burst into tears. Mabel pulled her brother into a hug and ran into the slightly open janitor’s closet. “Dipper? Tell me everything.” Dipper was hugging Mabel in a tight grip and would not let go. But he spoke between sobs. “I told Jackson about weirdmaggedon again and this time he punched me for ‘lying to him’ and soon the rest of his friends started joining in. And they all left me on the ground. I stayed there until a teacher told me to get up. She didn’t notice my bruises. You're the only one who did.” Dipper hugged his sister tighter as the word bounced around his head ‘FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

It was now 12:38 pm and Mabel pines heard a creak on the steps of her house. Mabel looked to her side not seeing Dipper. She quickly ran down the steps only to find her brother crying. Dipper quickly wiped his eyes but still tears came.

“What do you want?” He murmured. Mabel knew why he was crying. He sat down next to her slightly younger brother and rubbed his shoulder. Jackson used to be Dipper’s best friend but ever since he started telling stories about Gravity Falls, Jack thought he was nuts. His other friends heard the stories and had been bullying him all month. Dipper didn’t stop trying to tell the stories. But it only made the bullying worse. Mabel knew that he now officially hated the word FAKE. Mabel hated to see her brother cry and wiped the tears from his face. “You don’t have to see him again.” She said in a soothing voice. “You don’t have to go near him, or talk to him, or sit with him at lunch. I’ll give up sitting with my friends so you won't be alone at a table. Does that seem fair?” Dipper wiped more tears from his eyes and did the tiniest nod. “You better come up stairs. Mom is gonna freak if she finds you down here at midnight.” Dipper did a tiny smile as he went up the stairs. While holding his sister's hand as tight as he could.

    Dipper came into the lunchroom, carrying his brown lunch bag. He was dazed thinking of all the possibilities of what jackson would do to him. “He might pour lunch on my head, or beat me up again, or……..he might call my stories  FAKE.” Dipper thought that might hurt most of all. Dipper saw Jackson waving him over to his usual table, but he ignored him and walked to the empty table in the corner except for Mabel. “Hey Dippy-Fresh!” Mabel joked. Dipper did a small smile. “You know I hate him, and the name.” Mabel shrugged. “Well you do look pretty fresh. Looks like you did something to those bruises.” Dipper began unpacking his lunch and took a bite out of his PB&J. “I put some ointment on them.” He said with his mouth full. “Well the eye seems a little better.” Said Mabel pointing to Dipper’s left eye. “I just put some ice on it, can we talk about something else?” Dipper didn’t feel like remembering the beatdown that happened in the hallway. “Sure. I-” Mabel quickly stopped and looked behind Dipper. Dipper turned around to find Jackson and his gang walking up to him. “Just ignore him.” Mabel whispered. Dipper took a bite out of his sandwich trying to ignore the shadow that had seemed to make the whole room dark. “Why didn’t you sit with us Dip?” Dipper took a bite out of his apple. He heard a snicker. “Nice sweater braces.” Dipper glanced at Mabel who was trying to ignore the insult to her ‘Hop To It’ sweater with the picture of a bunny, but her cheeks were still blushing a bright red. “Hey, I asked you a question.” Dipper felt a yank on his shirt and was being pulled to Jack’s face. He always hated the fact that jack was taller than him, but he never hated it more than now. He was so close to jack’s ruffled brown hair that he could see himself in his hazel eyes. “Why didn’t you sit with us?”  Mabel shot up out of her chair when she saw her brother was in danger. “PUT…..HIM…..DOWN.” Jackson laughed. “Well if you’re gonna go tell a teacher,” Jack pointed to his table, then we’ll just move over there, and if you try to stop me, Dipper gets a face full of fist. Make your choice, Hop To It.” Mabel stood there, frozen. She looked at Dipper and could tell he was terrified. He wasn’t moving. “What happens if I stay here?” Mabel asked, trying to sound brave. “Then we’ll let Dipper explain why he’s over here.” Said Jack looking back at Dipper. Mabel still couldn’t move. She wanted to keep her brother right here. But either way she was gonna lose him. “You can take him. But I come too.” Mabel said picking up her and her brother’s lunch bags. Jack thought for a second. “Alright, fine. But I’m warning you, this is a boys table.” Mabel could handle Dipper’s laundry on the floor, he could handle lunch with boys. Mabel nodded and followed them to the table next to the window. Jackson was holding Dipper close to him so he couldn’t escape. He snuck a worried look toward Mabel. Mabel bit her lip as she walked over to Jack’s lunch table. They all sat down and began eating as if nothing happened. “Did I ever tell you guys about the society of the blind eye?” Dipper said pulling out a journal with a six fingered hand and a number 3. Mabel kicked Dipper but he continued as if nothing happened. Mabel could see that Dipper felt relaxed and calm when he told the story. He acted out how Mcgucket had been surprised when he showed him the symbol of the Blind eye society, and spoke every detail of how Mcgucket had saved their memories. “He jumped out from nowhere and stood in front of the mind gun just as he pulled the trigger! He got hit, but he was unaffected!” During the whole time Jack rolled his eyes, yawned, or even laughed as Dipper told his tale. But Dipper didn’t care. He felt like he was back in the old town of Gravity Falls when he spoke every word. When he finished the story, Dipper found himself smiling. Mabel smiled too when she was reminded of the wild adventure she and her brother had. Jackson was laughing. “Dipper! Where do you come up with these stories! There hilarious!” Dipper rolled his eyes. “Jack, I told you, this is the real deal.” This only made Jackson laugh harder. “The Society of the Blind Eye? A mind gun? Pfft.” Dipper found himself getting angry. “Then where do you think I went over the summer? I went through a lot of trouble in Gravity Falls, and I didn’t survive from Bill cipher so my own best friend could not believe me!” Dipper’s face was red now, he hated that his own friend wouldn’t believe him. “Dipper, we all know that your stories are FAKE.” That’s when Dipper cracked. He ran out of lunchroom with Mabel on his tail. She tried to follow him but he made an unsuspecting turn and Mabel lost him. “Dipper!” Mabel yelled, not caring about the teachers hearing her. “C’mon Dip. Come out!” That’s when the bell rang and she had to get to class. “I…..I’ll come back.” She raced down the hallway to math.

    At the end of the school day Mabel looked in the janitor’s closet. Sure enough her brother was asleep on the ground. Mabel found a crumpled piece of paper next to him. She grabbed it and opened it up.

    Dear, Mabel,

    I am planning to run away. The chances of me changing my mind are slim, so don’t try to stop me. Don’t tell mom and dad. (Especially dad). I just can’t take jack and him calling my stories you know what. If you don’t know why I hate the word. It's just that after we went through all that trouble stopping Bill and all, you know almost loosing Ford, Stan, you. I hate that someone would think that's just a bunch of garbage. (Sorry that was really cheesy) Anyway, After today, you won’t be able to find me. I’ll write but I won’t have a return address. I know you're smart and I know you'll figure out the secret in the letters.

    Your brother,


    Mabel turned to her twin brother who was asleep with a pencil in his hand. She walked around him to find many more crumpled papers. Lots of them had the same message, others only had one word. But the all ended the same way:

     I know you're smart and I know you'll figure out the secret in the letters.

    Your brother,



     Mabel soon realized that Dipper had been trying to explain that he had been wanting to run away for a while. Mabel hoped he would change his mind. But she still wondered what secret in letters there were.

    Dipper had gone home with Mabel last night and was trying his best to deny that he wrote all those letters. But he always spoke in a high voice when he lied so Mabel saw right through him. Mabel did a sigh of relief when Dipper said he wasn’t going to run away.

    Mabel woke up the next morning looking to the side of her bed. As usual, Dipper wasn’t there, here was either trying to find weirdness in his little town of Piedmont, doing an extra credit project, or just wanted to get up early. Mabel climbed out of bed and went down the steps. Instead of coffee, Mabel and Dipper’s Father liked orange juice in the morning. He had his usual glass in his hand as Mabel walked into the kitchen. “Morning Mabel.” He said taking a sip from the glass. “Hey dad. Did Dipper come down early again?” Mabel’s dad put down his glass. “No, I thought he was upstairs.” Mabel shrugged. “Maybe he got up really early.” Mabel’s dad nodded and went back to looking at designs for his clothing company: Sweet Boutique. Mabel had gotten her obsession of making her own sweaters from her dad. Mabel went upstairs to brush her teeth. After, she went to her bedroom to pick out something to wear. That’s when she saw it. An envelope taped to her door. Mabel quickly grabbed it and tore it open as she whispered “No, no, no, no, no, no.” She pulled out a piece of paper that looked like it had been crumpled. She quickly read it over and over again as tears filled her eyes. It was the letter from the janitor’s closet.


    Mabel had stayed in her room after school. In school she had not said a word. She got detention for not answering to teachers questions, and her friends stared at her as she sat at the table that her and Dipper sat at lunch. There were close calls from when she was close to crying, but she held back tears. She knew that Dipper would want her to not cry. But that was hard for when he was not here. When Mabel came home she was a wreck. She had told her parents that Dipper was at a sleepover since Dipper told her not to tell anyone. She stayed in her room all day in Dipper’s bed and stared up at the ceiling wondering why Jack was so mean to Dipper. One minute they were best buds, and now they were enemies. And now because of him, Her best friend was gone. Mabel sat up and was instantly filled with rage. Jack was the reason Dipper was gone. She grabbed her phone and dialed Jack’s number. She was about to press call when she suddenly felt stupid. She went to her contacts again and dialed Dipper’s number. 10 rings later, there was Dipper’s voice. Mabel instantly began speaking. “Dipper? Why did you-” Mabel realized that this was his voice mail recording. “This is Dipper Pines speaking! I’m sorry to say that I’m too busy to talk right now. I promise I’ll call later! You can also reach me at my sister Mabel’s number, 478-365-4556, hope to see you soon!” click. Mabel realized she was crying at the sound of her brother’s voice. She soon heard the beep and began speaking. “Hope to see you soon too.” She was about to press end call when she realized Dipper would probably not know why she said that. “That was an answer to your voicemail by the way. Miss you!”

Mabel couldn’t sleep. When her parents had left her bedroom after their good nights, Mabel had jumped out of her bed and crawled into Dipper’s. She usually liked to read her self a story before bed. Tonight it was Dipper’s letter. She read it over and over again until her eyelids were to heavy to hold up. She flopped down onto her brother’s pillow and fell asleep.

  She woke up with Dipper by her side. “Dipper!” She instantly ran to give her missing brother a hug when her hand went right through him. “Huh? Oh I must be dreaming.” Mabel always knew when she was dreaming. She knew when something wasn’t right. Dipper waved for her to come over and began running into a dark room. “Wait up!” Mabel began running as fast as she could. Dipper was amazingly fast in this dream. “Slow down! I need to catch up!” For what seemed like hours of running Dipper stopped in a field. He sat down and looked up at the sky. He looked smaller, more childlike than he did before, “Mabel! That cloud looks like a castle!” Mabel looked up as she heard another voice. “That one looks like a golf ball!” Mabel realized that this was her and Dipper when they were 5. The day they were looking up at the clouds. “That one looks like…” Little Dipper squinted his eyes. “A…..A pine tree.” Mabel looked up. She could make out the shape of the leaves that was similar to Dipper’s old pine tree hat. “That one kinda looks like a shooting star.” Little Mabel said pointing upward. Little Dipper began to stand up and follow the pine tree cloud. Mabel knew what was going to happen next. “Look out! Don’t go!” Mabel screamed trying to run toward the 5 year old Dipper. Once again, she failed as Dipper when right through her. “Where are you going?” Little Mabel asked. “I…...I want to follow it.” Dipper was walking in a dazed look. He didn’t turn around when he talked to Mabel, he just walked, not taking his eyes of the cloud. Mabel could make out the deep trench that was up ahead. Dipper was heading straight for it. Exactly as he did the day it happened. Mabel tried and tried to stop little Dipper. But each time she failed as Dipper walk right through her, as if she were a ghost. Then it happened. Little Mabel heard a shriek. Then nothing. “Dipper?” She said as she got up off the ground. She walked in the direction she saw Dipper walk in and saw the trench. She ran up to the edge and looked down to see her brother was unconscious. She of course was only 5 and thought he was dead. “DIPPER!” She screamed. She started screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. Older Mabel knew that he was fine, but still cried a little as she ran down the trench. The parents had came up the hill to find Mabel sobbing as she tried to climb down to retrieve her brother. “Mabel! What are you doing?” Said Mabel’s mom. “Dipper fell!.” Mabel said in tears. Older Mabel was sobbing, and had her hands covering up her eyes. “Stop! I don’t want to see this!” All of a sudden, she felt a gust of wind that seemed to blow harder each seconds, she was swept of her feet as the scene seemed to speed up as the event sped by. The ambulance that came, the drive to the hospital, the 24 hours Mabel spent in her room not coming out. It finally slowed down as Mabel was transported to Dipper’s hospital bed. Dipper was waking up as little Mabel was shaking him. “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Dipper yawned and looked around. “Where am I?” He said rubbing his eyes. “Dipper!” Mabel yelled jumping to give her brother a hug. “What happened?” Dipper asked in a tired voice. Mabel explained how he walked toward the trench and fell. She also pointed out that he had broken his arm. “Thanks Mabel! You saved me!” Mabel looked at her brother curiously. “No. I just cried and screamed like a baby.” She said looking down. “But if you didn’t mom and dad wouldn’t have came! You saved my life!.” Dipper gave her sister a one armed hug.

Mabel shot up out of bed with sweat on her face. She ran to her bathroom and gagged, but didn’t throw up. She was laughing and crying and didn't know why. She felt cold and sad, but happy and warm. She didn’t like it. She crawled into her own bed and lay there. She didn’t want to have the dream again. Maybe it was the fact that Dipper almost died, and I saved his life. Maybe that’s the reason why I feel this way. Mabel thought. She didn't want to go back in Dipper's bed again thinking that was why she had the dream. She put her head on her own pillow and whispered. "Good night Dipper. Can't wait for your letter."